FC 24 TOTS Update: Everything You Need To Know

EA Sports FC 24’s biggest promo of the year after TOTY, Team Of the Season, is now officially in the game. The promo is spread out over the span of 7 weeks, with the last promo scheduled to be released in the last week of May. As usual, the promo is split up on the basis of Leagues.

For the first time ever, all EA FC 24 TOTS(Team Of The Season) players will have 3 Playstyle+, making them some of the best cards in the game. In this article, we’ll break down everything there is to know about the latest FC 24 update including all the promos, the best cards and how to obtain them.To prepare for the newest update, make sure to get FC 24 PC coins from U7BUY at the cheapest rates!

Schedule Of FC 24 TOTS

The FC 24 promo will start off with Live EA FC 24 TOTS released on the 19th of April. This will include cards that will get a +1 overall each time a player’s team wins a EA FC 24 match in their respective leagues. The weeks following it will include Premiere League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Ligue 1, Serie A and will finally end with FIFA Ultimate TOTS on 31st of May. Note there are separate promo names for men and women teams, but for simplicity we have named the men’s promos.

Best TOTS Players

As is the case with EA FC 24 TOTS every year, some promo players will be have better stats and will hence be worth more (and be harder to pack) than others. Here are some of the best players to look out for this FC 24 TOTS:

  1. Erling Haaland: Currently valued at 10 million coins. Very high physicality and an obvious height advantage.
  2. Cristiano Ronaldo: He can score from any side and from all distances.
  3. Kevin De Bruyne: The best midfielder in the game, no cap.
  4. Van Djik: His gold card is the most used gold card in the game. We can only imagine how good his EA FC 24 TOTS card will be.
  5. Salah: With Technical and First Touch playstyles, his card will be able to breeze through the opponent’s defence.

How to Pack TOTS

EA Sports has boosted FC 24 TOTS Rewards more than any previous year, so there is a chance that every player will pack a promo player. We recommend players save up all their packs until the promo for their desired league is released. For most players, this would be PL or EA FC 24 La Liga. The easiest way to obtain packs is through the daily play rewards, which gives an 80+ x5, 78+ x2, and 80+ x2 pack for playing 3 games everyday. Another way is to play Champions, which will give players a guaranteed EA FC 24 TOTS player if they manage to get 6 or more wins. Lastly, players can complete Squad Building Challenges to get a guaranteed FIFA TOTS as well.

This was everything about the latest FC 24 promo. Which FIFA TOTS player are you looking forward to packing? If you’re looking to get one of these players, you’ll need the cheap FIFA coins, make sure to grab some before heading off!


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