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Meditoxin 200: features of the drug, use, contraindications to injections

Many women practice self-care treatment, starting at a young age but reaching about 25–28 years, notice the appearance of the first signs of aging. It is an essential loss of elasticity, yellowing of the epidermis, uneven tone, and small creases under the eyes and on the sides of the nose. However, a furrow between the eyebrows appears more often than others, making a person sterner and more mature. Medicine and cosmetology do not stand still, releasing innovative products that “know how” to paralyze muscles with injections. This means that after we smile or frown, the wrinkle will immediately be smoothed by the action of the therapeutic drug. 

We would like to pay special attention to the new generation complex medication developed by Medytox Inc. It actively affects the deep levels within the dermis, binding exclusively to neurons. Due to this, it does not cause harm to neighboring areas.

The principle of action of botulinum toxin

Botulinum toxin products have been actively used in cosmetology for many years. They are the main and extremely effective way to fight the signs of skin aging. Due to the active use of facial expressions, mimic wrinkles occur even in very young women. They become deeper and more noticeable with age, and it is already more difficult to cope with them.

The main purpose of botulinum toxins

  • wrinkle smoothing (interbrow, nasolabial folds, periorbital and perioral areas);
  • removal of blepharospasm;
  • elimination of hyperhidrosis;
  • botox-lifting.

These wrinkles most often occur around the eyes, between the eyebrows, and on the bridge of the nose due to frequent facial expressions. Young women relax their facial muscles to smooth out these wrinkles. The principle of action of botulinum toxin is connected with this: the protein in its composition paralyzes the muscle. It is not tense – the wrinkle does not occur. Over time, the skin crease in this place is smoothed out completely, but the muscle activity is gradually restored, and the injection must be repeated.

Manufacturer of the product Meditoxin botox and its composition

The drug Meditoxin 200 units are produced by the South Korean company MedyTox Korea Limited, known for its products’ quality. The drug was developed using advanced technologies and approved by KDA in 2004. The company is sponsored by the government, and its products are controlled and tested at the highest level. The product is supplied to many countries, where quality and health safety tests are also carried out. The price of this product is within acceptable values so that every woman can afford cosmetic injections.

The product’s composition includes active botulinum toxin, polysorbate, and methionine. The toxin is a product of the anaerobic bacterium Clostridium botulinum, which affects nerve cells. Methionine and polysorbate 20 stabilize botulinum toxin.  

Application in cosmetology practice

The drug is used

  • for smoothing deep wrinkles of the face and neck;
  • to increase the volume of the lips;
  • for excessive sweating;
  • thinning and laxity of the skin;
  • for ptosis, acne, and post-acne;
  • for the correction of scars;
  • in preparation for plastic surgery, deep peels.

The introduction of botulinum toxin is the simplest and most effective way to combat excessive sweating. The mechanism is the same as in the fight against expression lines: the sweat glands are paralyzed.

Acne is a real problem and less aesthetic. Botulinum toxin stops the excessive secretion of sebum. The drug has also shown good results in eliminating the effects of acne.

Ptosis is a common problem in women with different types of appearance. Over the years, the soft tissues of the face have lowered, the oval has floated, and there are pimples. Injections into the lower part of the face make the oval clearer.

Advantages and contraindications

The drug shows safety and a high level of effectiveness. The non-surgical effect (which allows you to correct age defects without undergoing surgery) determines the acceptability of use for different age categories to all those who prefer natural methods of rejuvenation without surgery.

The drug’s homogeneous structure makes the skin smooth after injection. The effect of use lasts up to 6 months.

The drug can not be injected in

  • aggravation of chronic diseases, the presence of inflammatory and infectious diseases, acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory infections oncological diseases;
  • myasthenia gravis;
  • blood clotting disorders;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • diabetes mellitus.

The drug is not administered to children or people with mental disorders. It is also impossible to carry out the procedure while taking antibiotics.

Carrying out the procedure

Manipulations with beauty injections last about 15–20 minutes. The skin is cleaned and treated with an antiseptic. It is also possible to treat with anesthetic gel to anesthetize the areas of the dermis. The drug is injected with a disposable syringe for insulin injections.

During several days, here is soreness, redness, and hematomas at the injection sites. There may be drooping or lifting of the eyebrows and drooping of the upper eyelid. Headaches are sometimes observed. However, these are typical manifestations of the consequences of introducing the toxin.

Do not undergo heat procedures or sunbathing for two weeks, and avoid alcohol for as long as possible. Antibiotics are excluded for four months after the procedure. This applies to drugs of the aminoglycoside group or tetracycline.

The drug successfully copes with defects in the zone of the neck, décolletage, and face. Optimal appearance in the area of injection is taken on the 10th day. To enhance the results of cosmetic procedures, such as contour plasty or thread lifting, they should be administered 14 days after injections with meditoxin.

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