Quick Guide to Hire a Website Designer in Melbourne? 

Your company’s website not only serves as a means of communication with your customers, it is also a way to drive sales. It also serves as a marketing tool for your existing and potential customers. To have your business website look exactly how you want it, you will need an experienced as well as professional web designer

Hiring a Website Designer in Melbourne: What to Look For? 

When you’re hiring a web designer, contractor or agency, you should look for the following skills and qualities: 

  1. Know What You Want 

Before starting the search for a web designer, extensive research into your vision is imperative. Once you have a clear picture of your desired aesthetic and essential features you will want in your website will help you look for the right team of web designers.  Pull inspiration from websites with a similar business model and business. After you have enough, you can share it with your potential web designer to understand if they will be able to offer something similar.

  1. Soft Skills

Always hire a website designer who is good at communicating, solving problems and is great with time management. Talking to the team of designers or the individual contractor only for a bit will help you understand if the one you’re choosing has the relevant soft skills.

  1. Technical Skills

Designing a website is a complex process and your designer should be capable of connecting the digital aspects with the technical ones. When hiring a web designer, here are a few technical skills to look for in them:

  • JavaScript
  • UX/UI design principles

These technical qualities in a web designer will give you a completely functional website. 

  1. A Proven Portfolio 

When you’re looking for a web designer, you will start with a search engine search. Based on the list of searches you have when you look up website designers in Melbourne, start segregating your list by looking at their portfolios. A good designer will have their portfolio on the website, or the clients they have served. Having a look at the portfolio of your designer will help you to: 

  • Choose the one whose designs are closer to what you expect,
  • Help you understand their calibre, and
  • Give you an idea of the features you could add to your website. 
  1. Check the Reviews 

After checking the portfolio, you should have a look at their customer reviews. These reviews are important because it gives you valuable insight into the company’s working style, and how their previous customers view them. Checking the reviews allows you to know if the previous customers faced any challenges and if they were satisfied with the services. 

  1. Talk Money 

One of the last steps in the process of finding an expert website designer in Melbourne is to get in touch with them and talk. You should know how they charge for the service and how you can pay. Understanding that money matters allows you to consider if the designer is as per your budget. 

Questions to Ask Your Web Designer 

When you’re hiring a website designer in Melbourne, make sure that you ask the questions you have regarding the service. Here are a few questions you can ask: 

  1. Consider asking how many revisions you will get as per the price they are charging you. Knowing this helps you feel at ease, and ask for changes.
  2. Questions regarding the scope of work and if the company has taken on projects similar to yours in the past. 
  3. You should ask them how they will do market research for your website to make it go shoulder-to-shoulder with your competitors. 
  4. Ask them how they will ensure that your business’s website will be optimised for SEO.
  5. Consider asking questions regarding maintenance and how will the errors during performance be fixed? Most web designing agencies do all this, but freelancers or contractors may not. Hence asking this question is imperative. 
  6. Ask them if you will be a part of the process. If yes, then ask them how they will ensure you’re a part of the communication. 

These questions help you understand how the team of designers function, and if they will be a good fit for you or not. If there are any other questions, apart from the ones in the list above, you have regarding the service, you should always ask the team before hiring them. 

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