Who is Ramone Malik Hill? Bio of Rocko’s Son

Who is Ramone Malik Hill? Bio of Rocko’s Son

Ramone Malik Hill, an American celebrity, has gained prominence thanks to his familial connections in the music industry. He is the son of Rodney Ramone Hill Jr., also known as Rocko, an American rapper, and Monica Denise Arnold, a notable American singer and rapper, serves as his stepmother.

Who is Ramone Malik Hill? Bio of Rocko’s Son

Despite his noteworthy parentage, Ramone prefers to keep much of his personal life out of the public eye. In this blog post, we endeavor to shed light on his background while also delving into the relationships and careers of his parents. Through this exploration, we aim to offer a deeper understanding of Ramone Malik Hill beyond his famous family ties.

Who is Ramone Malik Hill?

Who is Ramone Malik Hill?

Born on November 3, 1995, Ramone Malik Hill has stepped into the limelight, drawing attention due to his esteemed family background in the entertainment realm. As the son of American rapper Rodney Ramone Hill Jr., known as Rocko, and stepson of celebrated singer and rapper Monica Denise Arnold, Ramone’s roots run deep in the music industry.

Growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, Ramone’s childhood was immersed in the vibrant culture of music and fame. With Rocko’s enduring legacy in the rap scene, Ramone was exposed to the inner workings of the industry from an early age. However, little is known about his biological mother, adding an air of mystery to his personal history.

As the descendant of a rapper and the stepson of a renowned singer, Ramone’s upbringing undoubtedly shaped his interest in entertainment. While details about his ventures remain undisclosed, his familial ties hint at potential aspirations and contributions to the music world.

Profile Summary

Real NameRamone Malik Hill.
Nick NameRamone.
Date of BirthNovember 3, 1995.
Age (as of 2024)28 years.
Birthday placeUnited States.
Height (Tall)5 feet 7 inches.170 cm.1.7 m.
WeightKilograms: 70 Kg.Pounds: 154 lbs.
Eye ColorBrown.
Hair ColorBlack.
Body Measurements39-32-35.
ParentsFather: Rodney Ramone Hill Jr. (Rocko)Mother: Monica Denise Arnold
SiblingsRodney Ramone Hill III

Early Life and Education

Born on November 3, 1995, in the United States, Ramone Malik Hill is part of a musical legacy as the son of renowned musician Rodney Ramone Hill Jr., known as Rocko, and Marilyn Best. Growing up in the vibrant community of College Park, Georgia, Ramone was immersed in the rich musical tapestry woven by his father’s illustrious career. From a young age, Ramone demonstrated a keen interest in music, undoubtedly influenced by his father’s talents. Under Rodney’s guidance, Ramone was nurtured in an environment that encouraged his artistic expression and fostered his creative abilities.

With a combination of ambition, determination, and pragmatism, Ramone approached his education with a strong foundation in his family’s values. Throughout his schooling in College Park and later pursuit of higher education in Georgia, Ramone remained committed to academic excellence and personal growth. Outside of academics, Ramone actively participated in various extracurricular activities, enriching his educational experience and broadening his horizons. These diverse experiences not only honed his skills but also shaped his worldview, preparing him for success in both his personal and professional life.

Music Career

Music Career

Beginnings and Success

Ramone Malik Hill, born into the limelight as the son of American rapper Rocko, has been immersed in the music industry from his earliest days. While details about his musical endeavors remain relatively scarce, his father, Rocko, made waves in the industry with his groundbreaking debut album, “Self Made.” Released under his label, Rocky Road Records, Rocko’s hit single “Umma Do Me” soared to number 66 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, cementing his status as a formidable force in the world of hip-hop. Through his father’s achievements and influence, Ramone undoubtedly inherited a profound appreciation for music and its power to captivate audiences worldwide.

Collaborations and Labels

Rocko’s extensive connections within the music industry, including affiliations with powerhouse labels like Def Jam Records, and collaborations with artists such as Ludacris, Young Dro, and Dem Franchize Boyz, provide a robust network for Ramone Malik Hill to explore potential collaborations and carve out his path in the music world. Beyond the platform of Rocky Road Records, the association with industry titan L.A. Reid and his ventures with Def Jam and A1 Recordings further augments opportunities for Ramone to establish himself within the industry. With such a wealth of resources and connections at his disposal, Ramone stands poised to leverage his familial legacy and forge his unique mark in the realm of music.

Role as a Songwriter and Producer

Blessed with the lineage of a skilled rapper, songwriter, and producer, Ramone Malik Hill inherits a valuable advantage by being immersed in the world of music from birth, thanks to his father’s illustrious career. Rocko’s unwavering commitment to his craft has served as a guiding light toward success, providing Ramone with a wealth of firsthand experiences and invaluable lessons to draw from. With a father who has navigated the intricacies of the industry with aplomb, Ramone stands poised to follow in his footsteps, whether as a burgeoning songwriter, a proficient producer, or even as a discreet ghostwriter, honing his craft and leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of music.

Has Ramone Malik Hill Been In a Relationship?

Ramone Malik Hill remains unattached, with no public display of romantic involvement or sightings with a significant other. In contrast to many celebrity offspring who often share glimpses of their personal lives, Hill maintains a discreet stance regarding his romantic affairs, offering little insight into his relationship status. As a result, his current dating status remains shrouded in mystery, with scant information available about his past romantic entanglements due to his secretive disposition. While he may be embarking on a romantic journey with someone special, Hill’s preference for privacy suggests that any such relationship details will likely emerge in due time, perhaps when he deems it appropriate. Alternatively, he may choose to remain single, prioritizing his aspirations and endeavors without the distractions of a romantic relationship.

About Ramone’s Parents’ Relationship Journey

Ramone’s parents, Rocko and Monica, once shared a deeply intimate bond, tracing back to the early 2000s when they first crossed paths. Their love story blossomed swiftly, sparking a romantic relationship that endured for over a decade. Despite facing challenges along the way, including a brief separation in 2004 for undisclosed personal reasons, Rocko and Monica ultimately reunited, reaffirming their commitment to each other. Their union bore fruit with the arrival of their first child, Rodney Ramone Hill III, on May 21, 2005, a joyous occasion marked by familial ties as he was named after Rocko’s father.

The couple further solidified their love on December 24, 2007, when they exchanged engagement vows amidst the festive ambiance of Christmas Eve. Their union was blessed once more with the birth of their second child, Romelo Montez Hill, on January 8, 2008, bestowing upon him a name imbued with significance and grace. Though their journey together eventually took a different path, the memories of their shared love and the legacy of their family bond endure as a testament to the depth of their connection.

Reason Behind Ramone’s Parents’ Divorce

In early 2010, the once-engaged pair, Rocko and Monica, parted ways, marking the end of their long-standing relationship. The news of their separation rippled through the media sphere when Monica, renowned for her hit “The Boy Is Mine,” took to her Twitter platform to announce the news. Despite the public’s curiosity, the precise cause behind their split remained shrouded in speculation. Among the circulating rumors, whispers of infidelity on Rocko’s part surfaced, though neither party came forth to validate or debunk such claims. The absence of official confirmation left the public to conjecture about the true catalyst behind the dissolution of their union.

Her Step-Mother Monica

Her Step-Mother Monica

Renowned for her captivating voice and impactful lyrics, Monica Denise Arnold has solidified her place in the music industry with an array of chart-topping hits. Born on October 24, 1980, in College Park, Georgia, United States, Monica emerged as the only daughter of Marilyn Best and M.C. Arnold Jr. Her upbringing was steeped in the rich heritage of music, with her mother’s legacy as a notable singer and her father’s occupation as a mechanic shaping her early years. Inspired by her mother’s melodic prowess, Monica harbored aspirations of following in her footsteps from a tender age, nurturing dreams of a future as a singer. Remarkably, she not only realized this ambition but also expanded her repertoire to include rapping and acting.

Monica’s journey into the spotlight commenced at the remarkable age of eleven when she embarked on her singing career. Dallas Austin recognized her talent, leading to a signing with Rowdy Records, distributed by Arista Records, showcasing her potential. With Austin’s guidance, Monica’s career soared, laying the groundwork for innovative success and widespread acclaim in the music industry.


Ramone shares a close bond with his two half-siblings, from his father’s marriage to rapper and singer Monica Denise Arnold. Ramone’s younger half-siblings, Rodney Ramone Hill III and Romelo Montez Hill, enrich the family dynamic with their presence. Rodney was born on May 21, 2005, adding joy, while Romelo arrived in 2008, strengthening their familial connection. The trio forms a tight-knit unit, bonded by blood and love, journeying through life together with unwavering support and companionship.

Interests and Lifestyle

Ramone has deliberately kept his personal interests and lifestyle choices private, despite his family’s musical talent and celebrity status. Details regarding his hobbies, culinary preferences, or recreational activities remain elusive, with little information available to the public.

Ramone’s American nationality suggests a connection with typical interests associated with American culture, given his birthplace. His social media presence on platforms like Instagram and Twitter is unconfirmed, contributing to the secrecy surrounding his personal life.

Ramone’s Father’s Net Worth

Rocko’s net worth surpasses $1 million, showcasing his prosperous journey and achievements in the music industry. Similarly, Monica Denise Arnold has achieved substantial financial prosperity, with a net worth estimated at $8 million. Her wealth stems from a diverse career encompassing rapping, singing, songwriting, and supplemented by earnings from verified social media. Together, their combined fortunes underscore their achievements and prominence within the realm of entertainment.

Ramone Malik Hill’s Net Worth

Limited information on Ramone’s income sources makes determining his net worth challenging at this time. His financial status remains undisclosed due to the absence of concrete details about his professional endeavors and financial ventures. Thus, any speculation regarding Ramone’s net worth would be premature, as his income and assets remain uncharted territory.

Some Interesting Facts

  • He is the son of Rodney Ramone Hill Jr., widely known as Rocko, an American rapper, and Marilyn Best.
  • Ramone is also recognized as the stepson of Monica Denise Arnold, a prominent American singer and rapper.
  • Despite his lineage and connections to the music industry, Ramone keeps much of his personal life private.
  • Details about his early life, education, and career aspirations remain relatively undisclosed.
  • Ramone has two half-siblings from his father’s marriage to Monica: Rodney Ramone Hill III and Romelo Montez Hill.
  • His father, Rocko, achieved success in the music industry, notably with his debut album “Self Made.”
  • Monica Denise Arnold, Ramone’s stepmother, is a celebrated singer and rapper with numerous chart-topping hits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Ramone Malik Hill’s parents?

Ramone Malik Hill’s parents are Rodney Ramone Hill Jr., aka Rocko, a rapper, and Marilyn Best. He is also recognized as the stepson of Monica Denise Arnold, a prominent American singer and rapper.

What is Ramone Malik Hill’s age?

Ramone Malik Hill was born on November 3, 1995, making him 28 years old as of 2024.

Does Ramone Malik Hill have siblings?

Ramone has two half-siblings from his father’s marriage to Monica Denise Arnold: Rodney Ramone Hill III and Romelo Montez Hill.

What is known about Ramone Malik Hill’s early life and education?

Ramone was raised in College Park, Georgia, immersed in the world of music due to his father’s career. Specific details about his early life, education, and career aspirations remain relatively undisclosed.

Has Ramone Malik Hill pursued a music career?

While details about his musical endeavors are scarce, Ramone undoubtedly inherited a profound appreciation for music from his father, Rocko. He may potentially leverage his familial connections to explore opportunities in the music industry.

What is Ramone Malik Hill’s net worth?

Ramone’s net worth is undisclosed due to limited information on his income sources.

Is Ramone Malik Hill in a relationship?

Ramone keeps his romantic life private, avoiding public displays or sightings with a significant other. His current dating status remains shrouded in mystery.


Ramone Malik Hill, born into a family renowned for its musical legacy, has chosen to maintain a low profile despite his notable lineage. As the son of Rodney Ramone Hill Jr. (known as Rocko) and stepson of Monica Denise Arnold, Ramone has grown up surrounded by the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry. While he has enjoyed the privileges of his upbringing, he has also kept his personal life private.

Details about his upbringing, education, and career aspirations are scarce, but his potential in the music industry is undeniable, given his family background. His net worth remains undisclosed, reflecting his privacy preference, and his romantic life, if any, remains undisclosed. Despite the uncertainties surrounding his future endeavors, Ramone’s family connections offer potential opportunities for his future success in the entertainment world.

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