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Rissa May Age: Early Life, Career, Hobbies, Net Worth, Husband & More


Famed for her extraordinary talent and stunning beauty, Rissa May is a legendary figure in American fashion and film. Born in the United States, she was blessed with a lucky birthday on January 2, 2005. She has already had a significant impact on the entertainment world at the early age of 19. Early in her career, Rissa made a big splash in the public eye and gained recognition for her adaptable acting abilities, which let her effortlessly inhabit a range of characters.

The mesmerizing aura she exudes on celluloid has garnered her a plethora of prestigious awards and commendations. Beyond her flourishing acting vocation, Rissa seamlessly transitions into the domain of haute couture, her arresting visage and self-assured poise securing lucrative collaborations with esteemed fashion conglomerates.

Notwithstanding her youthfulness, Rissa has attained remarkable milestones and continues to chart a course of ascendency within the industry’s echelons. This discourse endeavors to delve deeper into the enigmatic persona of Rissa May, exploring facets such as her chronological juncture, biographical sketch, digital dossier, occupational trajectory, and beyond, thereby unraveling the tapestry of this burgeoning luminary’s journey. Join us as we embark on a voyage to unravel the enigmatic allure of Rissa May.

Rissa May Age

Rissa May is an American actress and model. She was born on January 14, 2005, in the United States. Rissa is primarily known for her acting in videos and web scenes. We will go into Rissa May’s history today, going into her early years, professional background, personal life, physical measurements, and more. Let’s get going now.

Who is Rissa May?

Renowned for her excellence in both haute couture and theatrical skill, Rissa May is a true star. From the United States, this young star was born on January 2, 2005, and she has already received a lot of recognition! Showcasing her mastery in a variety of film-related pursuits, she enthralls viewers with her extraordinary acting talent.

Beyond her cinematic pursuits, Rissa also graces the world of haute couture with her ethereal presence. Collaborating with esteemed fashion conglomerates, she showcases her sartorial finesse on diverse platforms. Endowed with not only innate talent but also resplendent allure, she garners adulation from admirers globally.

Despite her tender age, Rissa emerges as one of the most enthralling nascent luminaries. This juncture merely marks the inception of her odyssey; myriad milestones await her on the horizon!

Rissa May Early Life & Education

Born amidst the wintry embrace of the United States on the 2nd of January in 2005, Rissa emerged into the world, a luminary of creativity and brilliance. Her childhood was adorned with a tapestry of vivid imagination and boundless ingenuity. The art of storytelling, the allure of dress-up, and the enchantment of make-believe were her cherished companions. It was amidst these whimsical realms that her ardor for the theatrical arts blossomed into a fervent passion. From the tender tendrils of youth, Rissa harbored a steadfast resolve to tread the boards of the stage.

Encircled by the unwavering support of her parents, Rissa’s aspirations found fertile ground to flourish. In the delicate dance between academia and the dramatic arts, she orchestrates a symphony of commitment and dedication. A stalwart spirit, she acknowledges the paramount importance of education, valiantly upholding her scholastic pursuits alongside her thespian endeavors.

Despite the relentless cadence of her bustling agenda, she carves out precious moments to indulge in her avocations. The stroke of a brush, the dance of colors upon canvas—these are the sanctuaries where her soul finds solace. Thus, from the nascent stages of existence, the trajectory of Rissa May’s destiny was unmistakably ordained to illuminate the realms of entertainment with resplendent radiance.

Rissa May Wiki

NameRissa May
Nick NameRissa
Other Stage NamesClarissa May
BornJanuary 2, 2005
Age19 Years
Years Active2024 – Present
Figure Size24-24-24
Height– 163 cm
– 1.63 m
– 5 ft 4 in
Weight– 57 KG
– 125 lbs (pounds)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlond/Brown
Dress Size36 (EU)
Shoe (Feet) Size7
Distinctive FeaturesAttractive Figure & Confidence
Net Worth (approx.)USD 360K
Favorite Clothing BrandsCalvin Klein, LOUIS VUITTON, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi Strauss & Co.
Favorite GadgetsSmartphone, Digital Camera, Smart Watch, Laptop
Affair/BoyfriendNot Available
Marital StatusUnmarried
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian
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YouTubeClick Here
TwitterClick Here

Rissa May Height, Weight & Physical Appearance

Rissa stands at a height of 5 feet and 4 inches, or 163 centimeters for those who adhere to the metric system. That’s akin to the stature of an ordinary kitchen counter! As for her weight, it measures 125 pounds, or 57 kilograms. Picture approximately 125 one-pound apples – that encapsulates her weight!

She possesses a striking appearance with brown eyes, reminiscent of delectable chocolate! Her hair can be characterized as a blend of blond and brown, akin to the fusion of golden sunshine with chocolate syrup. Rissa’s figure is gauged at 24-24-24. Consider it as three identical facets of a square.

When perusing for attire, she typically selects size 36 in accordance with the EU size chart. As for footwear, she adorns a size 7. Bear in mind, these are mere numerical representations, and every individual possesses their own unique beauty!

Rissa May Career Journey as a Mode & Actress

Source YouTube

In the realm of performance arts, the odyssey of Rissa May resembles a mesmerizing reverie. Since her nascent years, she manifested a profound inclination towards the stage. Basking in the limelight, she reveled in showcasing her prowess before the lens. Commencing her odyssey as a juvenile mannequin, Rissa traversed paths adorned with luminous brands.

Her mettle found favor with esteemed brands, adorning numerous adverts and billboards. The effulgence of her modeling prowess cast open the gates to the realm of thespianism. Inaugurating her acting trajectory in a diminutive cinematic endeavor, her prodigious talent radiated brilliantly.

In due course, invitations poured in for roles in grandiose cinematic ventures. Witnessing her virtuosity firsthand, spectators stood in awe at her prowess. Each celluloid masterpiece she graced accentuated her status as a resplendent countenance and a consummate actress. Adulation for her performances burgeoned, propelling her into the echelons of popularity.

In contemporary times, Rissa stands as a darling of the silver screen, ardently persisting in her pursuit of excellence. A myriad of enthralling projects lay ahead in her trajectory. With her indomitable talent and unwavering diligence, the trajectory of her career is ensconced in luminosity.

Rissa May Hobbies

Rissa May doesn’t just see acting and modeling as career paths; they’re her beloved hobbies too. She thrives in front of the camera, honing her lines, and experimenting with different looks.

With a soul brimming with creativity, Rissa finds solace in drawing and painting. Expressing her deepest emotions and thoughts through art is her passion, with colored pencils and watercolors being her tools of choice.

When Rissa isn’t immersed in acting or sketching, she’s strumming her guitar strings. Both playing and listening to music bring her immense joy and fulfillment.

A devoted fan of the Harry Potter series, Rissa finds escape and excitement within the magical pages of books.

Cooking is another passion of Rissa’s. She frequently assists her mother in the kitchen, always eager to try out new recipes and experiment with flavors.

Chess provides Rissa with a mental challenge she relishes. It’s a game of strategy that keeps her engaged and sharpens her intellect with every move.

Rissa May  Awards & Achievements

Rissa May is a veritable gold mine of accolades and triumphs; she possesses the wand of a magician, turning everything into gold. She has received several awards for her exceptional acting and modeling accomplishments even at such a young age.

Her amazing acting skill is demonstrated by her winning the coveted title of “Best Young Actress” at a prominent film festival. Isn’t it just astounding? Apart from that, she won ‘Best Model’ in a glittering fashion show, shining brightly among a galaxy of other gorgeous models.

Even with all of her shining success, though, her greatest accomplishments are really captured by her followers’ constant love and devotion. Their admiration is her best compliment; it lifts her up and pushes her to new heights. Rissa May is unquestionably a luminary in her own right, as seen by the numerous accolades that grace her mantle.

However, let us not forget that her journey is merely in its infancy, with countless more accolades poised to find their way into her treasure trove. Ever eager to embrace new challenges and scale greater peaks, she stands poised to continue her ascent. Let’s continue to rally behind her, cheering her on as she blazes a trail of success.

Rissa May  Net Worth

Imagine having 360,000 gleaming gold coins inside of an enormous treasure box! That’s about how much money Rissa May is worth. It’s around USD 360K in dollars! Never forget, though, that money isn’t everything. Talent, dedication, and the affection of her followers are Rissa’s natural riches!

Rissa May  Husband

Renowned within the entertainment realm, Rissa May has adeptly shielded her personal affairs, particularly the intricacies of her romantic entanglements, from the intrusive gaze of both the populace and media conglomerates. Naturally, this penchant for privacy has sparked a heightened curiosity amongst her ardent supporters and followers regarding her romantic involvements.

Although Rissa has sporadically graced industry gatherings alongside her peers from the acting and modeling spheres, she has steadfastly maintained a veil of secrecy surrounding her romantic liaisons. On select occasions, she has offered glimpses into her philosophies on matters of the heart, underscoring the significance of reciprocity, empathy, and encouragement, particularly in light of the demanding nature of her professional pursuits.

Nevertheless, she has refrained from publicly validating any romantic partnerships, leaving the state of her love life open to conjecture. She espouses the notion of preserving certain facets of her existence as sacrosanct to preserve equilibrium and ensure that her professional accomplishments remain the centerpiece of her public persona.

Her approach strikes a chord with many of her contemporaries who navigate the intricacies of their personal lives away from the prying lenses of social media and public scrutiny. This discretion is customary among luminaries who endeavor to safeguard the sanctity of their romantic bonds. Rissa May remains unwavering in her dedication to her career and familial ties, relegating her romantic endeavors to the shadows of privacy.

As enthusiasts and aficionados of Rissa May’s oeuvre, myriad individuals hold her decision to safeguard these intimate details in high regard and continue to extend their unwavering support for her professional ventures, lauding her artistry and the affirmative impact she imparts upon the entertainment landscape.

Rissa May Family

Rissa May originates from a tightly-knit familial unit, a cornerstone in her ascendance to fame. Her progenitors, whose identities she opts to shroud from the public eye, have remained unwavering pillars since her nascent foray into showbiz. Rissa frequently accredits her kin for imparting the ethos of diligence, modesty, and the significance of authenticity, irrespective of acclaim or affluence.

She was raised alongside kinfolk, fostering a connection she deems fundamental to her psychological and emotional equilibrium. The backing of her family played a pivotal role in her resolve to professionally pursue the realms of acting and modeling. From attending her performances to furnishing constructive critique on her endeavors, Rissa’s family has been intricately involved at every juncture of her professional trajectory.

The ambiance within the May domicile is one of reciprocal encouragement and deference. Rissa’s progenitors ensured their abode was a conducive milieu for imagination and articulation. This encompassed endorsing Rissa’s vocational aspirations and esteeming the interests and aspirations of each family member.

Despite her hectic itinerary, Rissa prioritizes carving out quality moments with her kin. She often shares glimpses of their intimate festivities and getaways on social platforms, providing insights into her life beyond the spotlight. According to Rissa, these instances anchor her and serve as a poignant reminder of her origins.

Rissa May’s familial unit serves as a testament to the instrumental role a nurturing and supportive family dynamic can play in shaping the trajectory of a flourishing artist. Their collective odyssey from Rissa’s formative years in the local theater to her emergence as a coveted luminary in the entertainment industry underscores the potency of familial ties in fostering and perpetuating a career in the limelight.

Rissa May Relationship Status

Rissa is totally committed to her profession and goals. Thus, she is not currently dating anyone. She is still a young girl, after all. Later on, there will be plenty of time for romance. For Rissa right now, it’s all about pursuing her ambitions!

She is committed to developing her abilities and making a name for herself in the industry. She might get off course from the course she is so firmly laying with a relationship.

Rissa May  Social Media

Social Media PlatformLink
InstagramClick Here
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Birthdate: Rissa May was born on January 2, 2005, in the United States.

Career Diversity: She is recognized for her talent in both acting and modeling, showcasing versatility at a young age.

Early Recognition: Despite her youth, Rissa has already received numerous awards for her acting and modeling achievements.

Private Persona: Rissa maintains privacy regarding her personal life, including romantic relationships, choosing to focus on her career.

Family Support: Raised in a supportive family environment, Rissa credits her parents for nurturing her passion for the arts.

Multifaceted Interests: Beyond her professional pursuits, Rissa enjoys hobbies such as drawing, painting, playing music, reading, cooking, and playing chess.

Social Media Presence: She actively engages with fans on platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, sharing insights into her life and career journey.


Born in the United States on January 2, 2005, Rissa May is a well-known model and actress who is rapidly gaining prominence in the entertainment world. She has been acknowledged and praised for her performances despite her childhood. In terms of her personal life in particular, Rissa keeps a low profile since she would rather concentrate on her work and keep her strong relationships with her encouraging family intact. She engages in a variety of activities and uses social media to interact with followers during her free time. Rissa is a talented artist with a bright future ahead of her due to her varied interests and commitment to her trade.


Q: When was Rissa May born?

A: Rissa May was born on January 2, 2005, in the United States.

Q: What is Rissa May’s net worth?

A: Rissa May’s net worth is estimated to be USD 360K.

Q: What are Rissa May’s hobbies?

A: Rissa May enjoys drawing, painting, playing the guitar, reading Harry Potter books, cooking, and playing chess.

Q: Is Rissa May married?

A: Rissa May has not publicly disclosed details about her romantic relationships or marital status.

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