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The Best AI Tools for Creating Stunning Presentations

To effectively communicate in business settings as well as in education and other related fields, the ability to present is crucial and it has to be done in an attractive and interesting manner. Fortunately, there are a number of AI-based software solutions that will help design a beautiful slide, even for those who are not very familiar with the design process. In this article, let me give you an idea about the 5 best AI presentation tools to make a great presentation in a few minutes.

PopAI Pro is not your typical slow-loading, complicated AI presentation tool that requires designers and data scientists to provide professional-looking presentations. It arrives packed with beautiful templates, font types, and high-definition stock images for the production of modern looking slides. 

The software employs a machine learning technique to adjust and enhance the pictures by cropping, coloring, and resizing them for better visibility. That means there are so many icons, visual assets, and editable layouts that you can use and all you have to do is to choose a template which is appropriate for the project and then adding or editing the content of the template can be done within a few clicks. Other cool stuff are design ideas, layout suggestions, colors that match etc, which makes it easy by eliminating guess work in presentation design.


International for its easy to use graphic design tool, Canva also offers great AI auto-generated presentations to create professional pitches. It provides you with a rich library of over 2 million templates available in categories such as business, education, health, real estate, nonprofits, and more while allowing you total control over how your final product looks.

There are several editing options that are located on the top of the screen which allows for easy modification of layouts, change of color schemes, creation of charts/tables/timelines, animating objects, as well as other features that can be incorporated into the slides. Automating things like content suggestion and image improvement, Canva takes it a step further to ensure that you can easily create presentable slides within no time.

PowerPoint Designer

Microsoft PowerPoint’s Designer offers recommendations for applying AI-driven change in the look of simple slides with help of imagery, icons, theme colors/fonts, data charts, layout suggestions, and text descriptions. 

It helps you determine what is missing in your slides right from answering the question of the utmost importance as to the nature of the presentation you are creating. Designer’s interface is quite simple and straightforward. It even enables the user to accept or reject the recommendations given by the program with a single mouse click. Over time, as you create more and more slides, designers will adapt to your usage patterns and come up with even more personalized design suggestions that are ideally suited to your content development and marketing plan.


Genially is a fun presentation tool that uses AI to help with creating engaging animations, templates, and interactive elements in the form of presentations, infographics, reports, courses and more. It has 100000+ media elements like animated characters, videos, shapes, icons, SVGs, illustrations to add into your slides to gain attention.

The AI tools provide an insight of how one can make content more engaging and interactive using parallax effects, timelines, carousels, hotspots, 360 images and other innovative presentation platforms. Genially also gives the opportunity to create animated charts and graphs based on your data and with a simple refresh feature where it updates the chart depending on the new statistics entered. As it is apparent from the given list, there are dozens of fascinating features that make Genially useful for the creation of enthralling presentations. 


Slidebean is an AI-enabled design tool for presentations used by more than 150,000 people to design the pitch decks to attract funding. It doesn’t matter if you are preparing a presentation for VCs or your clients, with Slidebean you can get data-based design tips to create stunning slides and achieve your objectives. 

They have editable frameworks, over 20 business diagram categories, and content segments calibrated for various goals such as capturing traction or demonstrating market adoption. As you add elements in your deck, Slidebean employs AI weight distribution as well as position and alignment consistency suggestions to enhance the positioning of the different elements on the screen. Other related services include the automated design analysis review and editor services, which also makes it suitable for creating pitch presentations.


It has never been easier to create stunning-looking and highly professional-looking presentations thanks to the new generation of AI solutions that take most of the thinking and graphic design work for you. Some of the most relevant applications to create visually appealing slides using machine learning templates, suggested layouts and automation and other AI for presentation’s elements are  Popai Pro, Canva, Microsoft PowerPoint Designer, Genially, and Slidebean. Try out these fantastic AI presentation makers to save your time and create stunning and outstanding presentations and if your goal is simply to tell your story – here you go!

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