Amanda Kate Lambert Early life, Education, Career, Personal life NetWorth &More 

Amanda Kate Lambert Bio, Career, Family NetWorth & More 

Amanda Kate Lambert, born March 17, 1976, is the daughter of Nancy Sinatra and Hugh Lambert and the granddaughter of Frank Sinatra. Amanda draws inspiration from her famous grandfather to become a successful photographer, writer, and visual artist. Frank Sinatra taught Amanda how to use a camera and immersed her in his creative world from a young age. Amanda, 47, honors her family’s tradition while advancing her work.

Who is Amanda Kate Lambert

Who is Amanda Kate Lambert

Amanda Lambert, 47, was born in bustling Los Angeles, California, on March 17, 1976. Because of her mixed background, she proudly identifies as American. Amanda and her sister were raised by Nancy Sinatra and Hugh Lambert. Amanda lost her father at age nine, a tragic occurrence that influenced her life. Despite this sadness, Amanda’s close bond with Frank Sinatra, her famed grandfather, enhanced her youth. Amanda studied art history and fine art due to her love of the arts. She practiced painting and photography, preparing for her future work.

Amanda Kate Lambert Little Information

Full NameAmanda Kate Lambert
Nick NameAmanda
BirthdayMarch 17, 1976
Age47 years old
Birth PlaceJersey City, New Jersey, USA
EducationBeverly Hills High School
Father’s NameHugh Lambert
Mother’s NameNancy Sinatra
Biological SiblingsAngela Jennifer “AJ” Lambert
Height5 feet 6 inches (1.68 m)
Weight55 kg (120 lbs.)
Shoe Size7
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorDark Brown
Physique (Figure)Slim
Relationship StatusMarried
HusbandMichael Erlinger

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Early Life

Amanda Kate Lambert's Early Life

Amanda Kate Lambert was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, on March 17, 1976. Amanda is a Pisces and American, yet her famed ancestor Frank Sinatra’s parents moved from Italy. Amanda has a particular affinity with her older sister, Angela Jennifer Lambert (AJ Lambert), from their close family. The family moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles, where Amanda and AJ spent weekends at their grandfather’s Rancho Mirage home, near Nancy’s condo. At nine, Amanda lost her father, Hugh Lambert, to cancer at 55. Nancy has faced single motherhood since then, moving to Beverly Hills when Amanda was 12. Amanda and AJ adjusted well under their mother’s loving direction despite the abrupt shift.

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Career

Amanda Kate Lambert's Career

Amanda Lambert has a significant educational history, but details are unknown. Her proficiency in the arts, with a focus on painting and photography, and her knowledge of art history show that she had a broad education. Amanda is a talented photographer and visual artist who was inspired by her childhood love of painting. She graciously hosted an intimate pre-opening dinner for The Sinatra Collection photographic show at Hilton/Asmus Contemporary, demonstrating her enthusiasm for photography. Since 2002, Amanda has managed and archived her grandfather Frank Sinatra’s prestigious photo collection. Amanda’s website features some stunning paintings in addition to photographs. In addition, she co-authored “SINATRA” with Robin Morgan, a collection of pictures honoring the renowned singer on his centenary.

Amanda Kate Lambert Wants Multiple Art Careers

Amanda Kate Lambert Wants Multiple Art Careers

The talented photographer, writer, and visual artist credits her grandfather, Frank Sinatra, for her inspiration. She chose a private arts career despite her family’s artistic heritage. Her love of painting lasted despite being surrounded by other art forms, driving her to open her studio.

In 2018, the artist-curated an exhibition of her family’s treasures, including a childhood self-portrait of her grandfather, rare family photos, and Capitol and Warner Bros. memorabilia. The Hilton Asmus Contemporary exhibition offered a rare peek into the Sinatra family’s private life.

In an exclusive interview, the singer revealed a touching incident with her grandmother, Nancy Sinatra (née Barbato), who gave her numerous file boxes with her grandfather’s early recordings. The artist’s grandmother’s permission to explore these precious artifacts led her on a deeply personal and creatively fulfilling journey that cemented her legacy in art and preserved her grandfather’s rich musical heritage for future generations.

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Personal Life

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Parents: Nancy Sinatra and Hugh Lambert

Amanda Kate Lambert's Parents: Nancy Sinatra and Hugh Lambert

Amanda Lambert’s parents were famous entertainers. Their 1970 marriage began a joint adventure on numerous projects. The couple lived happily for a decade. Unfortunately, Nancy’s father, Hugh Lambert, died on August 18, 1985, in Los Angeles, California. At 55, his cancer struggle ended, leaving his family grieving. We mourn his passing, but his personal and professional effect lives on.

Frank Sinatra had Nancy in 1940

Frank Sinatra had Nancy in 1940

Former American singer and actress Nancy Sandra Sinatra was born in Jersey City, New Jersey, on June 8, 1940. Born to Frank and Nancy Sinatra (née Barbato), she is the oldest daughter. In November 1957, Nancy began her career as a singer and actor. She became famous by appearing on her father’s ABC-TV variety show, exhibiting her many talents. Before entering the entertainment industry, Nancy studied dramatic acting, singing, piano, and dance. Her varied skill set helped her succeed in stage and film, captivating viewers with her extraordinary performances.

“These Boots Are Made for Walkin’,” Nancy Sandra Sinatra’s 1966 single, made her famous. Lee Hazlewood had written and produced several of Nancy’s chart-topping songs, strengthening their partnership. Her two-year run on Billboard’s Hot 100 from 1966 to 1968 solidified her musical prowess. Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood’s first UK Singles Chart hit, “Did You Ever?” gained more fame in 1971.

Beyond music, Amanda’s mother was a prominent actress. She appeared in many outstanding films from 1964 to 1968, often with Peter Fonda. Her work in Roger Corman’s 1966 biker gang thriller “The Wild Angels” confirmed her versatility. In 1965, Nancy Sinatra appeared in the humorous film “Marriage on the Rocks” with her father, Frank Sinatra, demonstrating her acting skills.

Hugh Lambert, Amanda’s father, was born 1930

Famous Broadway dancer and Hollywood choreographer Hugh Lambert was born in Metuchen, New Jersey, on March 31, 1930. Despite few details regarding his early life, family, and education, his successful career speaks volumes about his brilliance and dedication to the entertainment industry. Hugh rose to fame after performing in Broadway plays like “Wonder Towns” and “Flower Drum Song,” demonstrating his dance skills and winning critical acclaim. He began choreographing in 1966, making an impact on music with “Finder Keeper.” Next year, he choreographed “Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In,” establishing his status as a maestro. In 1971, Hugh performed with his wife in a play on the “Ed Sullivan Show,” demonstrating his versatility. He rose to career heights in 1981 when he directed an entertainment program at the presidential inaugural gala, changing American culture. Even if nothing is known about Hugh Lambert’s personal life, his contributions to entertainment will go on.

Amanda Kate Lambert’s Siblings

Amanda Kate Lambert's Siblings

Angela Jennifer Lambert, Amanda Kate Lambert’s older sister, contributes to the family’s musical tradition. Angela, 49, a Gemini, was born in New Jersey on May 22, 1974. She began performing in alternative rock bands in her teens after being drawn to music. Angela played bass in indie bands in her 20s and 30s, but she discovered her affinity for singing later in life. She still honors her grandfather’s legacy in American music with her work. While pursuing her musical dreams, Angela Lambert is happily married to John Paparazzi, enriching her life with love and companionship.

Amanda Kate Lambert and the Sinatras

Amanda Kate Lambert and the Sinatras

Her mother was the daughter of Frank Sinatra, her grandfather, giving Amanda Kate Lambert a close link to the Sinatra Family. Frank Sinatra treasured his grandchildren and loved his family. Amanda Lambert said in an interview that she was always with her grandfather while she wasn’t in school. She remembered her time with him as delightful. Amanda was fortunate to learn from her grandfather, who loved painting and shared his wisdom during these precious moments. Amanda’s youth was shaped by these events, which instilled a love of creativity and art.

She wrote a Sinatra tribute book

She wrote a Sinatra tribute book

Amanda Lambert wrote “SINATRA” with Robin Morgan in addition to photography and visual arts. This publication honored her grandfather, Frank Sinatra, on his centenary in a touching way. Amanda used fine arts photography to honor Frank Sinatra’s life and legacy, inspired by her family’s rich history and her grandfather’s lasting influence. The book of limited edition prints captured Sinatra’s incredible journey and artistic talent with gorgeous pictures. Only 1000 copies were manufactured, making these special editions sought after by collectors, showing Frank Sinatra’s lasting influence on generations of fans.

At 19, Amanda Erlinger met her husband

Amanda Lambert expressed her thanks for her family’s life-changing experiences. Amanda loves her birthplace of Los Angeles and its excitement. Michael, her life partner and best friend, makes her happy. They’ve been together since they were 19, giving Amanda strength and support.

Amanda modestly defines herself as an artist with a caring soul who strives for integrity and authenticity. She lives with purpose, pursuing her potential while enjoying joy and spontaneity.

Amanda Kate Lambert Married? 

Amanda Kate Lambert Married? 

Amanda Kate Lambert rarely discusses her personal life, but she has revealed her married status in interviews. Michael Erlinger, her best friend and soulmate, is her husband. Since meeting at 19, they have been inseparable. Amanda has said that she and Michael have lovely children, despite her reluctance to discuss her family. Amanda has kept their marriage date and children confidential to protect her family’s privacy in the public eye.

Amanda Kate Lambert NetWorth

Amanda Kate Lambert NetWorth

Amanda continues to improve her photography and drawing talents. Although she keeps her finances quiet, it is believed that she and her sister, AJ, inherited $1 million from Frank Sinatra, their grandfather. This fortune came from Frank Sinatra’s 1983 trust for Angela and Amanda. Both sisters have chosen to pursue their paths and maintain their independence, despite their inheritance from their renowned grandfather. However, their wealthy circumstances allow them to follow their artistic inclinations without financial restraints.


Who is Amanda Kate Lambert?

Amanda Kate Lambert is a talented artist, photographer, and writer. She is the daughter of Nancy Sinatra and Hugh Lambert, making her the granddaughter of the legendary Frank Sinatra.

What is Amanda Kate Lambert’s background?

Amanda was born on March 17, 1976, in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. She grew up in Los Angeles and was raised by her mother, Nancy Sinatra, following the death of her father when she was nine years old.

What is Amanda Kate Lambert’s profession?

Amanda is a professional photographer and visual artist. She also has a passion for painting and has delved into writing, co-authoring a book titled “SINATRA” as a tribute to her grandfather, Frank Sinatra.

Is Amanda Kate Lambert married?

Yes, Amanda Kate Lambert is married to Michael Erlinger, whom she met at the age of 19. They have been together ever since, although specific details about their marriage and children are kept private.

What is Amanda Kate Lambert’s net worth?

While Amanda’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, it is speculated that she and her sister inherited a substantial sum of $1 million from their grandfather, Frank Sinatra. Despite this inheritance, both sisters choose to live independently and pursue their artistic passions.


Amanda Kate Lambert is a powerful artist whose life is intertwined with her family’s entertainment legacy. Amanda has built a successful photography, writing, and visual art career inspired by her grandfather, Frank Sinatra. Despite personal struggles, she honors family traditions while carving her artistic path. Amanda’s creativity, passion, and indomitable spirit make her a significant character in the creative world, leaving an indelible effect on those who are touched by her astonishing creations.

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