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Teri DeBarge – American Producer, Wiki, Career, Family & Net Worth

Teri DeBarge became famous in the 1990s after marrying Bobby DeBarge. Motown R&B/soul lead singer Bobby DeBarge enhanced Teri’s public profile along their voyage.

Dynamic producer Teri shaped TV and film. A captivating story, ‘Unsung,’ showed her writing skills. ‘The Bobby DeBarge Story’ showcases her talent to tell powerful films. Through these pieces, Teri examines Bobby DeBarge’s life and impact.

Who is Teri DeBarge?

Star Teri DeBarge was born in 1970 and raised in the US by her prosperous family. She became famous as Bobby DeBarge’s girlfriend early on. They married in 1990 after a romantic journey. They had a son Christian DeBarge.

Who is Teri DeBarge?

Teri lost her hubby in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on August 16, 1995. Teri produced “Unsung” and “The Bobby DeBarge Story” in addition to her businesses. Learn more about Teri DeBarge’s life and career.

Teri DeBarge’s Information

Real Name Teri DeBarge.
Nick Name Teri.
Date of Birth 1970
Age (as of 2023) 53 years.
Birthday Place United States.
Height (Tall) 5 feet 8 inches.

172 cm.

1.72 m.

Weight Kilograms: 55 Kg.

Pounds: 121 lbs.

Body Measurements 34-24-34.
Ethnicity White
Nationality American
Religion Christian
Children Two
Sons Christian DeBarge

Bobby DeBarge Jr.

Daughters No
Grandchildren Lily-Rose Debarge (12 years old)

Zoë Paige (07 years old),

Noah DeBarge

Father NA
Mother NA
Father-in-law Robert DeBarge
Mother-in-law Etterlene DeBarge Zoë Paige (68 years old)
Cousin Sister Tonya Griffin
Primary Education She completed her primary education at a public high school.
Qualification Graduate.
Favorite Sports Basketball & Football.
Favorite City/Country Michigan, United States.

Early Life

Born Teri Lee Gayle, she became Teri DeBarge in 1970. She became famous after marrying late R&B singer Bobby DeBarge. Teri has kept a low profile since his death several years ago, leaving her early life and family unknown.

She was born in the US, but her city, month, and day remain unknown. Her birth certificate shows her American citizenship, but her ethnicity is uncertain.

Since Teri DeBarge is secretive, little is known about her family. She hasn’t revealed her parents’ identities or employment. Know Teri’s birth family to establish if she was an only child or had siblings. 


Few know Teri DeBarge’s schooling. Few details exist regarding her primary schools. Some trustworthy sources indicate Teri DeBarge discontinued attending school after marrying Bobby. She may have continued her schooling after her spouse’s death. Teri DeBarge’s post-marriage education is unknown, stirring curiosity.

Teri’s Rise

Bobby made Teri famous, changing her life. Monique DeBarge, Bobby’s ex-wife and Teri’s relative, linked them. Bobby instantly approached Teri. Teri fell for Bobby as their interactions escalated, leading to a romance. The couple married after a year of dating and found their chemistry. Bobby’s long sickness ended their blissful marriage in 1995, leaving Teri single.

Teri Debarge’s Famous Husband

Switch’s lead singer, Robert Louis “Bobby” DeBarge, became famous for his falsetto singing. Bobby was a gifted lyricist, composer, and guitarist in addition to his singing. He was instrumental in producing the DeBarge band, which he formed with his siblings.

However, a turbulent turn of circumstances ended Bobby’s potential music career. He received a five-year prison sentence for narcotics trafficking in 1988, a devastating blow. Bobby persevered despite his hardships.

Unfortunately, Bobby had HIV since 1980. His health declined, and he died of HIV complications in 1995, leaving a lasting legacy in music. Fans and admirers worldwide honor Bobby DeBarge’s amazing skill and continuing influence on music. 

Her Husband Bob Debarge

Her Husband Bob Debarge

Famous American singer, songwriter, composer, and instrumentalist Robert Louis “Bobby” DeBarge was lauded for his versatility. Bobby became famous as Switch’s lead singer due to his falsetto voice. He also produced DeBarge, a band he created with his siblings. Bobby struggled with personal issues that hampered his art despite his great profession. Tragically, a 1980 HIV diagnosis worsened his problems and shaped his life and profession.

How did Teri Debarge and Bob Debarge meet?

Teri encountered Bob in the mid-1980s through Bob’s ex-wife, Monique DeBarge, Teri’s relative. Bob was drawn to Teri from their first meeting. Teri shared Bob’s feelings as their meetings increased, realizing their compatibility. Their friendship became a romantic one, and they traveled together.

After a year together, Teri and Bob made the heartfelt decision to marry for life. The pair married on December 10, 1990, amid youthful exuberance and mature love. Teri was fifteen and Bob was in his early thirties.

They enjoyed one other’s company and nurtured their marriage. Unfortunately, Bob’s HIV diagnosis ruined their bliss. Despite their love and support, Bob’s disease killed him in 1995, ending their six-year relationship. Though their road was difficult, their love showed the strength of dedication and resilience. 

Married Life

Married Life

After their December 10, 1990 wedding, Teri and Bobby enjoyed five years of married bliss. They proudly raised two boys, Christian and Bobby DeBarge Jr. Love, camaraderie, and parenthood defined their marriage. Teri loved spending time with Bobby and enjoying their family closeness.

After Bobby died in 1995, Teri had to adjust to single motherhood while grieving her husband. Teri used her courage and tenacity to raise her two sons alone during widowhood. Teri showed parental love and devotion by providing a nurturing and supportive atmosphere for her children despite her tragic loss. 

Children of Bob and Teri Debarge

Children of Bob and Teri Debarge

The couple, Teri and Bobby, are blessed with two sons, Christian DeBarge and Bobby DeBarge Jr. Both sons have found their paths in life and are pursuing their passions.

Christian DeBarge, the elder son, has established himself as an anime artist, showcasing his talent through drawing anime cartoons. Leading a private life, Christian is married to an Asian woman, although details about his wife and daughter remain undisclosed. Despite the privacy surrounding his personal life, Christian continues to excel in his artistic endeavors, bringing joy to fans of anime with his creative expressions.

On the other hand, Bobby DeBarge Jr., the younger son, is following in his father’s footsteps and pursuing a music career. Possessing vocals reminiscent of his father’s falsetto, Bobby is carving out his path in the music industry. Collaborating with his cousins Andrew, Kristinia, and Eldra, Bobby is actively involved in composing music, striving to uphold the rich musical legacy of his family. Currently single, Bobby remains focused on his music career, aiming to keep the tradition of music alive within his family for generations to come.

Bobby Debarge’s Death and Teri’s Struggle

Bobby DeBarge suffered from AIDS since 1980, but he didn’t tell his family until 1988 when he was released from a five-year prison sentence. Bobby’s family prepared for hospice care in Grand Rapids, Michigan, as his health declined. Bobby died tragically at 39 on August 16, 1995, leaving a lasting music legacy. He was buried in Grand Rapids’ Garfield Park Cemetery. Teri raised their two sons alone after Bobby’s death, grieving her husband.

Where Is Teri DeBarge Now?

Where Is Teri DeBarge Now?

Teri DeBarge disappeared after her husband’s death to raise her two sons. She temporarily returned in 2008 to star in the documentary “Unsung,” about neglected R&B, Soul, and Gospel musicians. Teri led a project for her husband’s legacy after this incident. Teri made her executive producer debut with “The Bobby DeBarge Story,” released in 2019, after nine years of work. The film follows Bobby DeBarge’s life from musical genius to addiction and HIV, illuminating his incredible path.

Current Status Of Teri Debarge

Current Status Of Teri Debarge

Experienced producer Teri DeBarge has produced many TV series and films. For the 2008 film “Unsung,” she explored R&B and soul vocal music. Teri executive produced “The Bobby DeBarge Story” in 2009, a fascinating 2019 biography. Bobby DeBarge’s life, accomplishments, and controversies are explored in this film.

Teri Debarge’s net worth

Teri Debarge’s net worth

Teri DeBarge was a renowned 1990s producer who oversaw influential entertainment ventures. The films “The Bobby DeBarge Story” and “Unsung,” which she produced, helped her succeed financially. Teri is a successful producer with an estimated $5 million net worth. She also produces hundreds of solar panels annually, broadening her profitable job.

Teri Debarge’s Social Media

Teri DeBarge has no authorized social media accounts, but a few photos of her have appeared online, suggesting she prefers a secluded life.

Teri DeBarge is respected in Hollywood despite her marriage to Bobby. Her talent and drive make her a notable character.

Fun Facts

  • After six years of blissful marriage, Teri’s spouse died of AIDS.
  • Teri became famous as Bobby Debarge’s widow after his death.
  • Teri chose not to date again to honor her spouse, despite her deep sorrow.
  • Teri’s decision to avoid social media and live a secluded life is significant. 

Teri DeBarge’s FAQs

Who is Teri DeBarge?

Teri DeBarge, originally known as Teri Lee Gayle, rose to prominence as the wife of the late R&B singer Bobby DeBarge. Beyond her role as a spouse, Teri has made significant contributions as a producer in both the television and film industries.

When was Teri DeBarge born?

Teri DeBarge was born in the year 1970 in the United States.

What is Teri DeBarge’s net worth?

Teri DeBarge’s estimated net worth stands at $5 million, amassed through her successful career as a producer within the entertainment realm.

Did Teri DeBarge have any children?

Yes, Teri DeBarge is a mother to two sons: Christian DeBarge and Bobby DeBarge Jr.

What notable projects has Teri DeBarge worked on?

Teri DeBarge has played a pivotal role in producing notable projects such as “Unsung” and “The Bobby DeBarge Story.” These works delve into the lives of underappreciated R&B artists and chronicle the life of Bobby DeBarge, respectively.

Why is Teri DeBarge not active on social media?

Teri DeBarge has made a deliberate choice to lead a private life, abstaining from maintaining any verified social media accounts. This decision reflects her desire to keep her personal affairs out of the public eye.


Teri DeBarge has faced personal and professional challenges. Teri has persevered from her marriage to Bobby DeBarge to her successful production business. Teri uses television and film to honor her husband despite her loss. Her dedication to preserving Bobby’s memory shows their deep affection. Teri’s net worth also shows her power behind the scenes in the entertainment world. By keeping a modest profile, Teri DeBarge maintains a mystique that makes her a Hollywood favorite. 

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