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Chris Distefano Wife: Biography, Career, Net Worth, Family, & More Information

Chris Distefano Wife

Energetic Distefano, conceived Jasmine Canuelas, is an eminent American wellness master and virtual entertainment powerhouse who is committed to advancing a solid way of life. With her skill crossing turn classes, Zumba, and bunch wellness, she has left a huge imprint in the wellness world.

Fun is a guaranteed wellness mentor, wellbeing trained professional, Zumba instructor, and wind teacher, showing her expansive data and commitment to health. She is generally well known for cultivating the Jazzymethod, a remarkable activity program that consolidates music to make practice gatherings really beguiling and securing.

Notwithstanding her wellness vocation, Fun is profoundly dedicated to supporting ladies who are managing post birth anxiety. She shares her own excursion to offer support and assets to those confronting comparative difficulties.

Who is Chris Distefano?

Chris Distefano, otherwise called Enthusiastic, gives off an impression of being a lively and rousing individual well established in her family and social legacy. She appears to have encountered difficulties, including the deficiency of her dad, however has tracked down strength and flexibility through her family and individual excursion. With her dynamic character and obligation to health, she has all the earmarks of being a signal of inspiration and direction for others looking for wellbeing and prosperity.

Chris Distefano Biography

Meet Chris Distefano, the powerful health ace hailing from the clamoring streets of Brooklyn, New York. With her establishments unequivocally settled in the varying woven work of art of American culture, Vivacious readily embraces her Hispanic heritage.

Brought into the world to Liz and Edwin Canuelas, Energetic’s childhood was pervaded with adoration and versatility. Her dad, a committed specialist at Lutheran Clinical Center, conferred important illustrations of tirelessness and empathy until his troublesome passing on a solemn January day in 2018. Regardless of the misfortune, Lively’s family remained her mainstay of solidarity, close by her two dearest kin — a sibling who shares her excursion, and a sister named Jessica, whose resolute help keeps on rousing her.

Through the promising and less promising times, Great’s relentless soul emanates splendidly, edifying approaches to prosperity and wellbeing for all who search for her heading.

Chris Distefano Childhood

Chris Distefano was brought into the world on August 26, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York. After his people, Tony and Donna Distefano, secluded when he was energetic, he was essentially raised by his mom. His dad, Tony, had insight with motocross running and was locked in with a couple of problematic activities, including wagering. Chris went to Religious regulator Molloy Optional School in Sovereigns, where he found his ability for humor and his excitement for making people laugh.

Chris Distefano  Wiki

NameFun “Jazzy” Distefano
Birth NameChris Distefano
Date of BirthAugust 26, 1984
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York, USA
HeritageAmerican, Hispanic
ParentsLiz and Edwin Canuelas
SiblingsBrother, Sister (Jessica)
SpouseChris Distefano
ChildrenDelilah (2015), Violette (2021), Stepson Tristan
OccupationFitness expert, Social media influencer
Notable WorksJazzymethod exercise program
FocusFitness, Wellness, Postpartum Depression Support
Net WorthNot specified
HeightNot specified (around 5’11”)
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorBrown
Social MediaActive on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Marriage YearAround 2019
Marriage DurationSince 2019

Chris Distefano Age

Chris Distefano, brought into the world on August 26, 1984, in Brooklyn, New York City, is presently 38 years of age. Hailing from the dynamic roads of Brooklyn, Chris has caught the hearts of numerous with his appealling exhibitions and sharp mind. His irresistible enthusiasm and dazzling presence have made him a rising star in Hollywood.

Chris’ flexibility permits him to flawlessly change among parody and show, leaving crowds enchanted by his ability. Drawing motivation from his Brooklyn roots, he powers his inventive fire with the rich encounters and energetic culture of his old neighborhood.

From humble starting points to becoming perhaps of the most sought-after entertainer in diversion, Chris has progressed significantly. As he praises one more year on August 26th, fans anxiously anticipate his forthcoming ventures. One thing is sure – Chris Distefano’s star power keeps on sparkling brilliantly in the realm of diversion.

Chris Distefano Height & Weight

Chris Distefano is around 5 feet 11 inches tall. However, he hasn’t shared his weight. You can undoubtedly recognize him with his earthy colored hair and green eyes.

Chris Distefano Career

Chris Distefano’s job is a showing of his comedic capacity and consistent journey for laughing. He began his trip in the vivacious farce scene of New York City in 2009. His gigantic break went with MTV’s “Individual Code” and “Young woman Code,” where his clever encounters on associations resounded with swarms and gathered him broad affirmation.

Distefano’s appeal and mind landed him spots on major late-night syndicated programs, including “Late Show with David Letterman” and “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” hoisting his profile much further.

His capacity transmits through in his satire specials, “Chris Distefano: Size 38 Midsection,” conveyed by Good times television in 2019, and “Speshy Weshy,” which appeared on Netflix in 2022. These accomplishments highlight his dynamic presence in the parody world and confirm his place as a top dog entertainer.

 Chris Distefano Net Worth

Chris Distefano’s assessed total assets pay vehicles way of life and more have as of late been refreshed. How about we investigate how rich Chris Distefano is in 2022-2023.

In light of data from Wikipedia Forbes IMDb and different other web-based sources Chris Distefano the notable comic has an expected total assets of $43 million at 34 years old. He has amassed his abundance through his effective vocation in satire. Chris hails from New York.

Chris Distefano Married Life

Chris Distefano has been cheerfully hitched to Great Distefano, a wellbeing trained professional and online diversion force to be reckoned with, beginning around 2019. Their relationship depends on love, normal respect, and shared values.

Chris and Lively’s cycle together began in 2014, and they have been unclear from there on out. They are satisfied gatekeepers to two young ladies, Delilah, brought into the world in 2015, and Violette, who joined the family in 2021.

Chris moreover tenderly hugs Sweet’s kid, Tristan, from a past relationship, as a fundamental piece of their friends and family. Their concurrence, stacked up with laughing, love, and cherished minutes, is much of the time shared through internet based diversion, giving a concise investigate their blissful and vigorous family.

 Chris Distefano Children

Chris Distefano is a pleased dad to two little girls: Delilah, brought into the world in 2015, and Violette, brought into the world in 2021. He likewise has a stepson, Tristan, from his better half Energetic’s past relationship.

Chris Distefano Parents

Chris Distefano, a Brooklyn neighborhood, entered the world missing a great deal of show on the clamoring streets of New York City. While the spotlight emanates on his comedic capacity and dynamic person, the nuances of his family establishment stay canvassed covertly. Little is had some critical familiarity with individuals who formed his underlying years — his people’s names stay a puzzle, and any notification of kinfolk is clearly absent from the public eye. Nonetheless, no matter what the vulnerability incorporating his day to day existence, Distefano’s trip from the regions of Brooklyn to the magnificent lights of satire stages is an exhibit of his flexibility and confirmation.

Chris Distefano Relationship

As indicated by certain posts via online entertainment, it seems like Chris Distefano is hitched. Evidently, his significant other’s name is Fun Distefano. Assuming you’re interested to find out about Chris Distefano, continue to peruse this post.

Chris Distefano Social Media

Chris Distefano is very dynamic via online entertainment including Instagram Twitter Facebook and YouTube. He utilizes these stages to give fans a brief look into his own and proficient life.

On Instagram, you’ll find different clowning around pictures and accounts featuring his family, spoof shows, and some fascinating behind the scenes minutes. His Twitter channel is stacked up with funny discernments, provides details regarding ongoing turns of events, and announcements about his latest exercises.


Name: Chris Distefano’s wife is Fun “Jazzy” Distefano, born Jasmine Canuelas.

Occupation: Fun is a renowned American fitness expert and virtual entertainment powerhouse, dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Notable Works: She is best known for creating the Jazzymethod exercise program, which combines music to make exercise sessions enjoyable and engaging.

Focus: In addition to her fitness career, Fun is deeply committed to supporting women dealing with postpartum depression, sharing her own journey to provide support and resources.

Marriage: Fun Distefano has been married to Chris Distefano since around 2019.


Fun “Energetic” Distefano, conceived Jasmine Canuelas, is a notable American wellness master and virtual diversion force to be reckoned with. She is perceived for her commitment to the wellness world through programs like the Jazzymethod, which centers around making exercise agreeable through music. Past her profession, Fun is energetic about supporting ladies managing post pregnancy anxiety, drawing from her own encounters to give direction and assets. She has been joyfully hitched to entertainer Chris Distefano since around 2019.


What is Chris Distefano’s wife’s name?

Chris Distefano’s wife is named Fun “Jazzy” Distefano, born Jasmine Canuelas.

What is Fun Distefano known for?

Fun Distefano is known for her work as a fitness expert and for creating the Jazzymethod exercise program.

What is the focus of Fun Distefano’s work?

In addition to fitness, Fun Distefano is dedicated to supporting women dealing with postpartum depression, sharing her own journey to provide guidance and resources.

When did Chris Distefano marry Fun Distefano?

Chris Distefano married Fun Distefano around 2019.

Is Fun Distefano active on social media?

Yes, Fun Distefano is active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, where she shares glimpses of her personal and professional life.

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