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Who is Eleanor Talitha Bailey? Early Life, Career, Net Worth & More Detail


Eleanor Talitha Bailey calls the US home, gladly associated with a family profoundly dug in the realm of diversion. She’s the girl of the notable American entertainer and model, Devon Aoki Bailey.

Experiencing childhood in the Bailey family, Eleanor possesses a huge spot as the third youngster and second girl. With Devon Aoki and James Bailey as her folks, she’s been raised with values and encounters novel to her ancestry.

This page looks at Eleanor’s life in more detail. We dive into the numerous features that contain her life, from her childhood and familial connections to her objectives, tutoring, and, surprisingly, her actual qualities like level and weight.

Show up as we investigate the astonishing existence of Eleanor Talitha Bailey, an account of expertise, goal, and an industrious mission for self-realization.

Who is Eleanor Talitha Bailey?

License me to introduce Eleanor Talitha Bailey, whose family parentage boasts the praised presence her mother, the renowned American performer and model, Devon Aoki.

In spite of the way that Devon obtained standing for her phenomenal occupation as Suki in “2 Fast 2 Furious,” her impact is felt past the film screen. She has improved the fronts of prestigious circulations and spread the news about her stamp on well associations like Tiffany and Co., Adidas, and Loreal.

Imitating her mother’s model, Eleanor has removed her own particular manner in the domain of supports. You’ll get her nearby a part of those comparable elevated brands, effectively blending her own unique style in with their respected standing. Furthermore, that isn’t all — Eleanor has moreover expected the occupation of brand emissary for a primary travel gear brand, including her own energy.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Early Life & Background

2015 saw the introduction of Eleanor Talitha Bailey, the little girl of financial specialist James Bailey and the skilled model and entertainer Devon Aoki.

She was conceived and as of now dwells in the US, hence those are her underlying foundations. Eleanor is as of now eight years of age in 2024 and is being brought up in a multicultural setting.

Eleanor’s legacy mirrors a delightful blend of foundations. Her mom, Devon Aoki, has Japanese and German roots, while her dad, James Bailey, comes from American legacy. Subsequently, Eleanor partakes in a different social genealogy.

With American citizenship, Eleanor is a glad individual from the country she calls home.Eleanor’s childhood, in the same way as other offspring of well known people, is kept generally hidden. She imparts her life as a youngster to kin Tracker and Alessandra Linville, experiencing childhood in a climate that mixes the universes of diversion and business.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Educational Details

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s instructive excursion entwines consistently with her prospering presence at the center of notoriety and displaying. Brought into the world in 2015, she’s on the cusp of investigation, enthusiastically retaining the illustrations and undertakings that will shape her way forward.

Albeit the points of interest of Eleanor’s tutoring are left hidden, obviously her folks, Devon Aoki and James Bailey, put extraordinary significance on her scholar and self-improvement. With their unfaltering consolation and devotion, Eleanor adventures forward on a direction that consistently incorporates formal instruction with involved encounters. This approach lays the basis for a future overflowing with potential and open doors, supported by a pledge to learning and improvement.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Physical Appearance

Wherever Eleanor Talitha Bailey voyages, individuals are attracted to her due to her inborn magnetism. Her light earthy colored hair falls in delicate waves, and her warm, hazel eyes give her a persevering and appealing appeal.

Eleanor is recognized in the realm of excitement by her effortless tastefulness and her standard level of 4 feet 3 inches and weight of around 39 kilograms. You can’t resist the urge to see and revere her due to her splendid smile and easy certainty, which just improve her engaging quality.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Career

From a young age of eight, Eleanor Bailey has earned consideration, generally inferable from her mom, Devon Aoki, a diverse American entertainer, model, and TV character.

Devon Aoki’s impression in the US amusement domain is evident. Her vocation flaunts striking jobs in effective movies like “2 Quick 2 Angry,” “Sin City,” and “DOA.” Transforming the runway beginning around 1997, Aoki quickly climbed to work with esteemed names like Chanel. At only sixteen, she turned into the essence of Versace, gracing magazine covers overall and in any event, fiddling with plan for Levi’s +D line.

Past the design circle, Aoki’s impact rose above to the acting field, with appearances in films like “War” and “Freak Narratives,” alongside a concise stretch in Bolt Season Three. Her flexibility stretched out to narratives, including one fixated on her sibling, Steve. Eleanor Bailey’s process is profoundly interlaced with the celebrated tradition of her cultivated mother.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Net Worth

Eleanor’s family has an existence of richness and extravagance, a demonstration of their persistent effort and effective undertakings. With Devon Aoki’s total assets assessed at $30 million and James Bailey’s at $4 million, the family dwells in various homes in Benedict Gully and Los Angeles, encompassed by success.

Eleanor had a rich and plentiful childhood, which set the basis for a daily existence brimming with invigorating potential outcomes. Eleanor experiences childhood in a setting where desires are energized as well as sustained, because of Devon and James’ cognizant endeavors to give her the best life brings to the table. This makes way for an interminable future.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey father, James Bailey, tends to maintain a discreet presence

In spite of the fact that Eleanor’s dad, James Bailey, likes to keep a position of safety, her mom, Devon Aoki, is an unmistakable figure locally. James, brought into the world on August 3, 1985, sought after his schooling at Harvard College, zeroing in on business and money courses, driven by his enthusiasm for the business world. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, James commonly keeps a more saved presence contrasted with his life partner’s public persona.

How many siblings does she have?

Eleanor Talitha Bailey is profoundly associated with her family, as proven by the sincere minutes caught by her mom, Devon Aoki, shared on Instagram. She imparts serious areas of strength for a caring bond to her kin, which incorporate her more youthful sibling, James Bailey Jr., brought into the world on June 10, 2011, and her sister, Alessandra Linville, brought into the world on February 13, 2013.

At first, Eleanor held the title of the most youthful kin until her sister, Evelyn, showed up. Together, these four kin make a powerful group, gaining ground in the demonstrating business by exhibiting their gifts in lobbies for regarded brands like Adidas and Hole. Devon’s virtual entertainment offers a brief look into their valued minutes, underlining the legitimate closeness and fondness that characterizes their kin associations.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Grand Parents

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s granddad, Hiroaki Aoki, carried on with an incredible brave life. Known as Rough in his wrestling and powerboat dashing days, he brought fervor any place he went. Initially from Japan, he at last got comfortable the US and made progress running a Benihana café.

On the other hand, Pamela Hilburger, Eleanor’s grandma, is a skilled craftsman of blended German and English parentage. Pamela favored a serene life away from the spotlight and decided to focus on her interests for painting and gems making after her separation from Aoki in 1991.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Relationship

Early on of eight, Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s principal center is around school and simply getting a charge out of being a youngster – dating isn’t even at the forefront of her thoughts.

The present moment, Eleanor is completely blissful being single, plunging into every one of the tomfoolery undertakings that accompany youth. What’s more, in the midst of their sumptuous way of life, her folks, Devon Aoki and James Bailey, share a romantic tale that is straight out of a fantasy.

A happy experience on a prearranged meet-up set off a sentiment that was past whatever you might envision in a film. Following a short romance, they went with the choice to become participated in only a half year. The ideal closure of their affection story was their April 23, 2011, wedding in Los Angeles, where they were joined by their dearest companions and family members.

Eleanor’s folks’ romantic tale fills in as an exquisite update that certified love has no limits and can make an encounter past the domain of the creative mind, even as Eleanor is involved finding the delights of young life.

Eleanor Talitha Bailey Social media

Various youthful people with huge foundations, especially those naturally introduced to the spotlight, frequently favor a more confidential way to deal with web-based entertainment. Eleanor Talitha Bailey is one such person who selects not to participate in dynamic cooperation on famous stages like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. She doesn’t keep up with her own committed web-based entertainment profile, liking to keep a lower online presence.

Rather than arranging her free internet based space, she periodically shows up on her mom Devon Aoki’s virtual entertainment account which’s is @devonaoki. This permits looks into her life and the family’s undertakings while protecting a feeling of security and loving her experience growing up away from broad public openness. An intentional methodology empowers her to partake in the advantages of her mom’s web-based presence while protecting parts of her life from the public eye.


Full Name: Eleanor Talitha Bailey

Birth Year: 2015

Parents: Devon Aoki (mother) and James Bailey (father)

Siblings: Hunter Bailey, Alessandra Linville Bailey, and Evelyn Bailey

Ethnicity: Japanese, German (mother) and American (father)

Nationality: American

Residence: United States

Physical Appearance: Light brown hair, hazel eyes, height of 4 feet 3 inches, weight around 39 kilograms

Family Background: Connected to the entertainment industry through her mother, Devon Aoki, a notable actress and model

Grandparents: Hiroaki Aoki (grandfather) and Pamela Hilburger (grandmother)

Current Focus: Education and enjoying childhood


Eleanor Talitha Bailey, brought into the world in 2015, is the girl of American entertainer and model Devon Aoki and financial specialist James Bailey. Experiencing childhood in a family well established in diversion, Eleanor partakes in a multicultural legacy with Japanese, German, and American impacts. She imparts areas of strength for a to her kin, Tracker, Alessandra, and Evelyn, and dwells in the US. Eleanor’s instructive excursion is focused on by her folks, who underscore both proper schooling and commonsense encounters. Known for her enchanting appearance and elegant presence, she incidentally shows up on her mom’s virtual entertainment, yet keeps a position of safety on the web. Eleanor’s childhood is enhanced with valuable open doors, making way for a promising future.


1. Who are Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s parents?

Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s parents are Devon Aoki, an American actress and model, and James Bailey, a businessman.

2. When was Eleanor Talitha Bailey born?

Eleanor Talitha Bailey was born in 2015.

3. Does Eleanor Talitha Bailey have any siblings?

Yes, she has three siblings: Hunter Bailey, Alessandra Linville Bailey, and Evelyn Bailey.

4. What is Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s ethnicity?

Eleanor has a mixed ethnicity with Japanese and German roots from her mother’s side and American heritage from her father’s side.

5. Where does Eleanor Talitha Bailey live?

She resides in the United States.

6. Is Eleanor Talitha Bailey active on social media?

Eleanor does not have her own social media profiles but occasionally appears on her mother, Devon Aoki’s social media accounts.

7. What is Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s height and weight?

She is approximately 4 feet 3 inches tall and weighs around 39 kilograms.

8. What is the focus of Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s current life?

At eight years old, her primary focus is on her education and enjoying her childhood.

9. Who are Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s grandparents?

Her grandparents are Hiroaki Aoki, a former wrestler and powerboat racer, and Pamela Hilburger, an artist.

10. What are some notable aspects of Eleanor Talitha Bailey’s family background?

Eleanor comes from a family notable in the entertainment industry, particularly through her mother, Devon Aoki, who has made significant contributions as an actress and model. Her father, James Bailey, is a businessman with a Harvard education.

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