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Janey Thompson Obituary: Honoring a Bright Light from Charlotte, NC


We profoundly grieve the death of Janey Thompson, a darling individual from the Charlotte, North Carolina people group. Janey contacted the existences of every individual who had the honor of knowing her, making a permanent imprint characterized by affection, empathy, and immovable devotion. This eulogy fills in as a recognition for her exceptional life and respects the inheritance she abandons.

Janey McAdams Thompson appeared on the scene on October 19, 2003, in Charlotte, North Carolina. From right off the bat, Janey transmitted an energetic energy for life that was really irresistible. She was the treasured little girl of Bo and Scottie Thompson, and imparted an exceptional cling to her sibling, Hank, whom she tenderly referred to her as “worked in dearest companion.” The Thompson family, which likewise incorporated their cherished canine Phyllis, was unimaginably affectionate, frequently seen together at nearby occasions, family social events, and getting a charge out of sporting exercises.

Academic Excellence

Janey’s scholarly way was characterized by exceptional accomplishments and a profound enthusiasm for information. She started her schooling at Myers Park Secondary School, where she separated herself with distinction after graduating in 2022. Janey’s interest with science and her intrinsic interest in the regular world enlivened her to seek after a biophysics major at Wake Backwoods College.

Throughout her university journey, Janey’s commitment to academic excellence shone brightly. She consistently earned a place on the Dean’s List and actively engaged in various academic societies, demonstrating her dedication to both learning and contributing to her field.

Athletic Achievements

Janey wasn’t simply a champion understudy; she was likewise a characteristic competitor. During her time at Myers Park Secondary School, she succeeded on both the varsity ball and softball crews, where her abilities acquired her all-meeting honors in b-ball and the job of group skipper. Her ability on the field and court was commended in 2022 when she got the sought after Female Competitor of the Year grant.

Among Janey’s fondest recollections were the kinship imparted to her partners, the elation of serious games, and the upbeat snapshots of festivity after games. Her commitment to sports exhibited her ability as well as improved her secondary school insight with remarkable snapshots of collaboration and accomplishment.

College Life and Extracurricular Activities

During her time at Wake Timberland College, Janey’s energy and drive sparkled splendidly both in scholastics and games. Close by her examinations, she eagerly partook in intramural games and was a vivacious individual from the club ladies’ ball group. Despite the fact that her athletic excursion was stopped by a knee injury in November 2023, Janey nimbly changed into training, exhibiting her flexibility and faithful love for the game.

Beyond sports, Janey immersed herself fully in campus life at Wake Forest. She devoted her time to volunteering at Wake Radio, actively contributed to the Tri Delta sorority, and engaged fervently with the pre-dental health professional society. Her infectious enthusiasm for college life was evident in every aspect, whether she was hanging out with friends in the dorms or cheering passionately at every home game for the school’s football, basketball, and baseball teams.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

Janey possessed a wide array of interests that reflected her vibrant personality and deep passions. She had a natural talent for puzzles, card games, and competitive activities like trivia and board games, where she always brought her A-game. Music played a significant role in her life, offering her comfort and joy across various genres.

Her love for the outdoors drew her to spend countless hours at Ocean Isle Beach and Lake Wylie, forging cherished memories with loved ones. Janey’s distinctive sense of style was evident in her collection of fashion sneakers and her affinity for affordable jewelry from Amazon. She had a special attachment to her 16-year-old Honda Pilot, fondly known as “Big Red,” despite its lack of modern amenities, it held sentimental value for her.

Community Involvement and Impact

Janey’s effect on her local area was significant. She filled in as a lifeguard at Myers Park Nation Club for five summers, where she turned into a #1 among the youngsters. Her capacity to interface with individuals, her devilish funny bone, and her liberal soul made her a cherished figure in each circle she was important for.

Janey’s unwaveringness and graciousness reached out to her companions, with whom she shared innumerable experiences and sincere minutes. Empowering give pleasure and chuckling to any circumstance. Her tradition of affection, consideration, and local area soul keeps on rousing the individuals who knew her.

A Heartfelt Farewell

Janey Thompson’s life, however cut off by entanglements from a blood coagulation, sadly, was a demonstration of living with reason and delight. Her unexpected passing on April 9, 2024, left a void in the hearts of her family, companions, and the more extensive local area. In spite of the aggravation of her misfortune, Janey’s memory carries on with on through the endless lives she contacted.

A dedication administration to observe Janey’s life was hung on April 13, 2024, at Myers Park Joined Methodist Church in Charlotte, trailed by a gathering in Celebration Corridor. Participants were urged to wear their games shirts out of appreciation for Janey’s athletic soul and her affection for her groups.

Continuing Janey’s Legacy

In lieu of blossoms, the Thompson family mentioned that dedications be made to the Myers Park Secondary School Horse Club or the Wake Woodland Ladies’ Club Ball group. These gifts assist with proceeding with Janey’s inheritance, supporting the organizations and exercises that gave her such a lot of pleasure and satisfaction.

Celebrating the Life of Janey Thompson

Janey Thompson was brought into the world on Walk 15, 2004, in Charlotte, North Carolina, to her glad guardians Bo Thompson and his significant other. Bo Thompson is notable in North Carolina for his particular voice and cleaned presence as the host of the WBT Morning Show. Experiencing childhood in Charlotte, a city she revered, Janey was encircled by a caring family and embraced by her local area all along.

From almost immediately, Janey charmed everybody with her mix of beauty, scholarly ability, and athletic capacity. She succeeded in the two games and scholastics at Myers Park Secondary School, where she arose as a characteristic chief among her friends and a champion competitor in the varsity groups. Her enthusiasm for b-ball and softball sparkled splendidly, characterizing her secondary school a very long time with accomplishments both in the homeroom and on the field.

Subsequent to moving on from Myers Park Secondary School, Janey set out on the following period of her excursion at Wake Backwoods College, not a long way from her dearest old neighborhood. At Wake Woods, she sought after her scholastic advantages with a similar devotion she applied to sports.

Janey decided to concentrate on biophysics, a field that interested her for its mix of logical request and likely certifiable effect. Past her examinations, Janey submerged herself in grounds life, turning out to be effectively associated with the Delta Delta sorority and Sigma Pi Sigma, the material science honor society. Her cooperation in these gatherings advanced her school insight and featured her natural capacity to assemble associations and encourage companionships.

Alongside her academic and social pursuits, Janey continued her love for sports, maintaining her passion for basketball as a member of the university’s club team. Her dedication to athletics extended beyond playing; she was also a spirited supporter of the Wake Forest Demon Deacons, attending games and embodying true school spirit.

Janey Thompson’s life was a demonstration of her complex advantages, her obligation to greatness, and her well established love for her local area and place of graduation.

Janey Thompson Legacy of Kindness and Dedication

Janey Thompson’s effect stretched out a long ways past her intellectual and athletic accomplishments. Her inheritance is characterized by her sympathy and relentless commitment to other people. With an infectious grin and a warm disposition, Janey had a noteworthy capacity to cause everybody to feel esteemed and cherished any place she went. Her sympathy exceeded all rational limitations; whether chipping in at neighborhood covers, arranging local area occasions, or essentially listening carefully to somebody out of luck, Janey contacted endless lives.

Her impact was significant both nearby and in the more extensive local area, leaving an enduring engraving that will be recalled and loved by all who had the honor of knowing her. Janey Thompson’s obligation to having a beneficial outcome on the planet fills in as a persevering through motivation to all of us.

Remembering Janey Thompson

On April 9, 2024, the local area of Charlotte was profoundly disheartened by the startling passing of Janey Thompson because of entanglements from an unexpected blood clump. Her unfavorable passing significantly impacted her family, companions, and the town she revered. Her father, Bo Thompson, a beloved voice on WBT radio, expressed immense grief over her loss. The station highlighted the lasting impact Janey had on listeners who felt connected to her through her father’s broadcasts. They extended their deepest condolences and prayers to the Thompson family, mourning alongside them and recognizing the significant mark Janey left on everyone who knew her.

Honouring Janey Thompson’s Life

Following Janey’s passing, the Thompson family has been overwhelmed with affection and backing from individuals who knew and respected her. Burial service plans are a work in progress, and particulars for a help that clearly will be proof of Janey’s impact and the lives she impacted are as yet forthcoming. Mirroring Janey’s lifetime devotion to local area administration and instruction, the family has requested gifts to help good cause close to her heart rather than blossoms.

Continuing Janey’s Legacy

However Janey Thompson’s passing leaves an indispensable void in the existences of her loved ones, her soul perseveres through the esteemed recollections and values she imparted in the people who knew her best. The Thompson family is given to respecting Janey’s tradition of sympathy, generosity, and steady commitment. They are propelled to typify the very get-up-and-go and liberality of soul that characterized Janey’s all-too-short time frame on The planet, guaranteeing her inheritance lives on in their activities and hearts.

Final Thoughts

Janey Thompson’s story is one of bliss, accomplishment, and a significant love forever and everyone around her. Her memory fills in as a sign of the effect one individual can have through thoughtfulness, devotion, and a pizzazz. As we honor Janey’s heritage, we are reminded to embrace the positive qualities in others and to track down happiness in the regular minutes, similarly as.

Janey Thompson will constantly be associated with her splendid grin, her athletic ability, her scholastic accomplishments, and, in particular, her cherishing and liberal heart. Her inheritance lives on in the hearts of the people who knew her and locally that keeps on commending her life.


1. Who was Janey Thompson?

 Janey Thompson was a cherished resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, known for her vibrant spirit, academic excellence, and athletic prowess. She made a significant impact on her community through her compassion, dedication, and involvement in various activities.

2. When and where was Janey Thompson born?

 Janey McAdams Thompson was born on October 19, 2003, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

3. Who are Janey Thompson’s family members? 

Janey was the beloved daughter of Bo and Scottie Thompson and had a close bond with her brother, Hank. The Thompson family also included their cherished dog, Phyllis.

4. What schools did Janey Thompson attend? 

Janey attended Myers Park High School, where she graduated with honors in 2022. She then pursued her studies in biophysics at Wake Forest University.

5. What were Janey Thompson’s academic achievements?

 Janey was an exceptional student, consistently making the Dean’s List at Wake Forest University. She was also actively involved in various academic societies, reflecting her dedication to her studies and her field of interest.

6. What sports did Janey Thompson excel in? 

Janey was a talented athlete, excelling in basketball and softball at Myers Park High School. She earned all-conference honors in basketball, served as a team captain, and was awarded Female Athlete of the Year in 2022.

7. How did Janey Thompson contribute to her college community?

 At Wake Forest University, Janey played intramural sports, participated in the club women’s basketball team, volunteered at Wake Radio, and was active in the Tri Delta sorority and the pre-dental health professional society.

8. What were Janey Thompson’s personal interests and hobbies? 

Janey had diverse interests, including puzzles, card games, music, and outdoor activities. She enjoyed spending time at Ocean Isle Beach and Lake Wylie with family and friends. She also had a unique fashion sense, particularly her collection of fashion sneakers and affordable jewelry from Amazon.

9. How did Janey Thompson impact her community?

 Janey’s impact extended beyond her academic and athletic achievements. She was known for her kindness and dedication, volunteering at local shelters and organizing community events. Her ability to connect with people and her generous spirit left a lasting mark on those around her.

10. When did Janey Thompson pass away?

Janey Thompson tragically passed away on April 9, 2024, due to complications from an unexpected blood clot.

11. How did the community react to Janey Thompson’s passing? 

The community, along with her family and friends, was deeply saddened by Janey’s untimely passing. Her father, Bo Thompson, expressed immense grief on the WBT radio station, and the station extended heartfelt condolences and prayers to the Thompson family.

12. What are the funeral arrangements for Janey Thompson?

 Funeral plans are in development, with specifics for a service that will honor Janey’s influence and the lives she touched. In lieu of flowers, the family has requested donations to charities close to Janey’s heart.

13. How is Janey Thompson’s legacy being continued?

 The Thompson family is committed to honoring Janey’s legacy of compassion, kindness, and dedication. They are inspired to embody the same enthusiasm for life and generosity of spirit that characterized Janey’s life, ensuring her legacy lives on through their actions and memories.

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