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Who is Chris Rodstrom? Early Life, Career, Wife, Children And More Details

Rodstrom and Riley’s love story began sometime in 1967, and they eventually tied the knot in 1970.

During those years, Riley was busy playing in the NBA while Rodstrom admirably supported him and pursued her career as an expert in her own right.

Despite preferring to stay out of the limelight, Rodstrom occasionally graces NBA events with her presence alongside her husband.

Moreover, she actively joins him in various charitable endeavors, showing their united commitment to giving back.

Now, after more than fifty years of marriage, the couple has two adopted children, marking their enduring bond and shared journey.

Pat Riley’s Wife, Chris Rodstrom, is a Native of San Diego, California

Chris Rodstrom came into the world through the loving embrace of Christine C. Rodstrom, back in 1951, right in the heart of San Diego, California. She’s got that classic American vibe, born and bred, with a Caucasian background, growing up in a bustling household of seven.

Her dad, Sincere Rodstrom, served as a Maritime power submariner, a man of the sea with tales to tell. Her mom, Dorothy Rodstrom, was a true caregiver, balancing her role as a clinical overseer with a heart for helping those battling addiction.

In the Rodstrom clan, Chris wasn’t alone; she had four siblings by her side: Tom, Bill, John, and Richard, forming a lively bunch that kept the household buzzing.

Her childhood was painted with the sunny hues of San Diego, and she graduated high school amidst the whirlwind of the 60s, a time of change and possibility. But Chris was hungry for more knowledge, so she pursued higher education as the years unfolded.

During the 70s, she delved even deeper, earning a degree in educational psychology, a testament to her thirst for understanding the human mind and how we learn and grow. Through dedication and hard work, Chris Rodstrom carved her path, blending her roots with her aspirations, shaping a life uniquely her own.

She is a Former Licensed Therapist and Marriage Counsellor

Deciphering Chris Rodstrom’s recent career endeavors might be a bit challenging, but it seems she’s been making a living as a licensed therapist and marriage coach in the bustling city of Los Angeles.

While the specifics of her practice and workplace remain elusive, one can surmise the nature of her work.

As a marriage coach, Chris likely helps couples navigate through the rough patches in their relationships, offering guidance and support to resolve conflicts and strengthen their bonds.

Her services likely delve into the realm of emotional well-being, tailored specifically to address issues within relationships.

It’s evident that Chris Rodstrom’s expertise would be invaluable in providing assistance to her diverse clientele, guiding them towards healthier and happier partnerships.

Chris Rodstrom and Pat Riley Began Dating in 1967 and Wed in 1970

In sunny San Diego in 1967, Chris Rodstrom first met Pat Riley, her future partner. She was engrossed in her studies, while he was becoming well-known in the city as a professional basketball player.

They clicked right away and started dating with intense passion. As they shared their hobbies and ambitions and spent time together, their friendship developed.

Rodstrom proudly introduced Riley to her family, who welcomed him with open arms. They bonded over their shared love for basketball, cheering him on alongside her enthusiastic family.

Following a period of courtship, the pair resolved to tie the knot and pledge their eternal love to one another. In front of their closest friends and family, they were married in San Diego on a stunning June 26, 1970. Their wedding was a joyous event that was brimming with love, joy, and the prospect of a prosperous future shared.

The Couple’s Marriage Has Spanned Five Decades With No Scandals and Unpleasant Rumors

Pat Riley and Chris Rodstrom have been wed for more than 50 years. They have been able to avoid any sensational incidents or rumors of adultery during this period. Rather, they have stayed unwaveringly committed to one another, encouraging one another through good times and bad.

One notable event was the sudden end of Pat Riley’s playing career in 1976. He was experiencing a mixture of despair and fury as he found himself lost and confused of what to do next. Although Rodstrom cautioned him that brooding over his grief would not solve things, he nonetheless encouraged him to grieve.

With her support, Riley worked through his emotions and embarked on the second phase of his career, ultimately becoming a highly successful coach. Coaching came with its own set of challenges, but through it all, Chris Rodstrom has been his rock, standing by him through the highs and lows.

Knowing that her well-being is intertwined with his own, Riley places a high value on her and always takes her perspective into account when making career-related decisions. The power of love and support to overcome challenges in life can be seen in their long-standing partnership.

Chris Rodstrom and Pat Riley Have Two Children 

Chris Rodstrom and her partner, Pat Riley, are proud parents to two wonderful children, Patrick and Elisabeth Marie. While they couldn’t conceive, they decided to expand their family through adoption, welcoming Patrick in 1985 and Elisabeth Marie in 1989.

Their children brought immense joy into Chris and Pat’s lives. They spared no effort in providing them with everything they needed, not just materially, but emotionally too. From helping them set up their first apartments to being there for them during their college years, Chris and Pat were devoted parents.

Now that Patrick and Elisabeth are adults, they’ve chosen to lead more private lives, away from the public eye. Despite their limited online presence, it’s clear that they’ve carved out successful careers, thanks to their education and upbringing.

In a heartwarming moment, it was revealed that Elisabeth Marie has tied the knot. Pat Riley proudly shared details about her special day during a recent gathering, highlighting the continued love and support within their family.

Rodstrom Has Joined Her Husband in Supporting Charitable Endeavors Over the Years

Chris Rodstrom, despite being the partner of one of the NBA’s most prominent figures, prefers to keep her life away from the constant glare of the spotlight. She’s not one to grant interviews or make frequent media appearances. You’ll mostly catch a glimpse of her during award ceremonies when she accompanies her husband, and occasionally, she’ll join him courtside to cheer on his games.

However, her reluctance towards fame doesn’t mean she’s not involved in important endeavors. Chris actively supports her partner’s career and also lends her support to various charitable causes. Together, they attend events and contribute financially to noble causes. They’ve even established their own charitable organizations, such as the Miami Power Family Initiative and the Kids for Youths program under the Pediatric Aides Foundation.

When they gave more than a million dollars to help storm victims in 2017, it was clear how committed they were to charity. Despite their prominent position, Chris and her boyfriend are steadfast in their dedication to changing the world for the better.


Early Life: Chris Rodstrom was born in 1951 in San Diego, California, to parents Christine C. Rodstrom and Sincere Rodstrom, a Maritime power submariner, and Dorothy Rodstrom, a clinical overseer.

Family: She grew up with four siblings: Tom, Bill, John, and Richard, in a bustling household.

Education: Rodstrom pursued higher education and obtained a degree in educational psychology during the 1970s.

Career: She worked as a licensed therapist and marriage counselor in Los Angeles, helping couples navigate through relationship challenges.

Marriage: Chris Rodstrom married Pat Riley, a former NBA player and coach, in 1970 after dating since 1967. They have been married for over fifty years.

Children: The couple adopted two children, Patrick and Elisabeth Marie, in 1985 and 1989 respectively.

Charitable Work: Rodstrom actively supports her husband’s career and participates in various charitable endeavors, including establishing their own charitable organizations.


Chris Rodstrom, born in San Diego in 1951, pursued a career in educational psychology before becoming a licensed therapist and marriage counselor in Los Angeles. She married NBA legend Pat Riley in 1970 after meeting him in 1967, and they adopted two children together. Despite preferring a private life, Rodstrom actively supports her husband’s career and engages in charitable activities.


Who is Chris Rodstrom? 

Chris Rodstrom is the wife of former NBA player and coach Pat Riley. She is a licensed therapist and marriage counselor based in Los Angeles.

When did Chris Rodstrom marry Pat Riley?

 Chris Rodstrom married Pat Riley in 1970 after dating since 1967.

How many children do Chris Rodstrom and Pat Riley have?

 Chris Rodstrom and Pat Riley have two adopted children, Patrick and Elisabeth Marie, born in 1985 and 1989 respectively.

What is Chris Rodstrom’s profession?

 Chris Rodstrom is a licensed therapist and marriage counselor, specializing in helping couples navigate relationship challenges.

What charitable endeavors is Chris Rodstrom involved in? 

Chris Rodstrom actively supports various charitable causes alongside her husband, including establishing their own charitable organizations.

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