Gilbert Gottfried Net Worth: A Deep Dive into the Comedian's Financial Success and Thrifty Habits

Gilbert Gottfried Net Worth: A Deep Dive into the Comedian’s Financial Success and Thrifty Habits

Gilbert Gottfried Net Worth
$8 Million

Gilbert Gottfried Net Worth

Gilbert Gottfried was a beloved American actor, comedian, and voice actor, known for his unique and unforgettable style. His net worth, estimated at $8 million, reflected his success in the entertainment industry. One of his most distinctive features was his comedic voice, which was loud and harsh, yet incredibly funny. This trademark style endeared him to audiences and made him a standout figure in comedy.

In 1980, Gottfried joined the cast of Saturday Night Live for its sixth season, showcasing his comedic talent on a national stage. Despite being dubbed “The comic’s comedian,” his time on the show was brief, and he only appeared in a few sketches during his 12-episode run. However, this stint helped catapult him to greater fame, leading to numerous opportunities in film, television, and voice acting.

Throughout his career, Gottfried remained a beloved figure in the comedy world, known for his distinctive voice and sharp wit. He continued to entertain audiences with his unique brand of humor, leaving a lasting impact on the world of comedy and entertainment.

Gilbert Gottfried net worth is about $8 million

Gilbert Gottfried net worth is about $8 million
NameGilbert Gottfried
Source of incomeFilm and Television
Net Worth$8 Million

After a long and distinguished career, Gilbert Gottfried net worth was around $8 million at the time of his passing. This substantial sum reflects his four decades of work in the entertainment industry, during which he became a well-known and respected figure.

Despite facing challenges early in his career, particularly during his brief tenure on “Saturday Night Live,” Gottfried persevered and went on to achieve great success. His appearances on popular shows like “The Cosby Show,” “Late Night with David Letterman,” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” helped solidify his place in the comedy world.

One of Gottfried’s most memorable roles was providing the voice for the Aflac duck in a series of commercials, a role that further added to his financial success. Even in his later years, he remained active in the industry, with his last known project, “Hassle at the Castle,” still in pre-production at the time of his passing, according to IMDb.

Overall, Gilbert Gottfried net worth is a testament to his talent and dedication to his craft, and he will be remembered fondly by his fans and fellow comedians alike for his contributions to the world of entertainment.

Gilbert Gottfried Net Worth Growth

YearNet Worth (in million)
2018$4 Million
2019$5 Million
2020$6 Million
2021$7 Million
2022$8 Million

Gilbert Gottfried net worth has shown a steady increase over the years, reflecting his success in the entertainment industry. In 2018, estimates placed his net worth at $4 million, which grew to $5 million in 2019. By 2020, his net worth had reached $6 million, followed by $7 million in 2021, and it is projected to be $8 million in 2022. This upward trend in his net worth highlights his continued success and growing prominence in the entertainment world.

Gilbert Gottfried Didn’t Like To Spend Money

Gilbert Gottfried was known for his frugality, often joking about his reluctance to spend money. He took pride in this characteristic and didn’t mind when his comedian friends, including Bob Saget, Jeff Ross, and Joan Rivers, poked fun at him for it. Growing up in Brooklyn, New York, in a lower-middle-class family, Gilbert didn’t come from wealth. He often joked that his only talents were making people laugh, imitating old celebrities, and doodling sexual images in his notebooks, which led him to drop out of high school.

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Despite not having a traditional education, Gilbert found his calling in comedy clubs, eventually landing a spot on Saturday Night Live, which became the cornerstone of his career. While his film and television endeavors may not have reached the heights he had hoped for, Gilbert thrived in the stand-up world, earning him a devoted following. His success allowed him to provide a wonderful life for his wife and children, and they lived together in a beautiful Manhattan apartment until his passing on April 12th, 2022.

Wiki/ Bio Of Gilbert Gottfried

Full/Real name Gilbert Jeremy Gottfried
Nick/Popular nameGilbert Gottfried
Birth date Feb 28, 1955
Death dateApr 12, 2022
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York, U.S.
Resting placeKensico Cemetery
Death placeManhattan, New York City, U.S.
Age (As of 2022)67 years old (At the time of death)
Zodiac SignPisces
Ethnicity Ashkenazi Jewish​​  
Sexual OrientationStraight
FatherMax Gottfried
SiblingsArlene Gottfried, Karen Gottfried
RelativesArlene Gottfried (sister)
Marital statusMarried 
SpouseDara Kravitz (m. 2007)
Children2 (Lily Aster Gottfried, Max Aaron Gottfried)
Famous ForAs an American comedian and actor
Height5’5″, 165cm
Weight63Kg, 138.89lbs
Eye colorDark Brown
Hair colorDark Brown
ProfessionComedian, Actor, Voice Actor
Years active1970–2022
MediumStand-up, television, film, podcast
GenresSatire, blue comedy, black comedy, insult comedy, improvisational comedy, impressions

Gilbert Gottfried Early Life, Parents And Siblings

Gilbert Gottfried Early Life, Parents And Siblings
Google has well-covered about Gilbert Gottfried.

Gilbert Jeremy Gottfried entered the world on February 28, 1955, in the bustling borough of Brooklyn, New York. His parents, Lillian and Max Gottfried provided a humble upbringing for Gilbert, with Max running a hardware store below their family home, where they lived above the shop.

From a young age, Gilbert showed a natural inclination towards humor and entertainment. At just 15 years old, he took to the stages of New York City’s amateur stand-up comedy scene, bravely testing his comedic chops in front of audiences. This early foray into comedy would prove to be the launching pad for his future career in the entertainment industry.

Gilbert’s childhood experiences and early exposure to the vibrant atmosphere of New York City undoubtedly shaped his comedic sensibilities and laid the foundation for his later success. His journey from performing in local clubs to becoming a household name in comedy is a testament to his talent, hard work, and unwavering dedication to his craft.

Gilbert Gottfried Height, Weight, And Other Features

Gilbert Gottfried Height, Weight, And Other Features
Height5’5″ (165 cm)
Weight138.89 lbs (63 kg)
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorDark Brown

Standing at 5 feet 5 inches tall (165 centimeters) and weighing 138.89 pounds (63 kilograms), Gilbert Gottfried is known for his distinctive voice and comedic talent. His dark brown eyes and hair complement his charismatic personality, adding to his on-screen presence. Despite his height, Gottfried’s impact on the entertainment industry has been significant, particularly through his voice work in commercials, animated series, and films. His unique voice and comedic timing have made him a recognizable figure in both the entertainment and advertising worlds.

Gilbert Gottfried Career

Gilbert Gottfried Career

Gilbert Gottfried’s comedy career took off in New York City, where he earned a reputation as “the comedian’s comedian” for his unique style and sharp wit. His talent caught the attention of “Saturday Night Live” producers during a period of change for the show, leading to his hiring for season 6. Despite this opportunity, Gottfried’s time on “SNL” was marked by limited airtime and few memorable appearances in sketches, although he did create a few recurring characters and impersonations.

After leaving “Saturday Night Live,” Gottfried’s career received a significant boost when MTV hired him to do improvised promos, which became a hit with the network’s young audience. This exposure led to further opportunities, including appearances on “The Cosby Show” and other popular shows. Gottfried’s distinctive voice and comedic style also made him a regular guest on talk shows like “Late Night With David Letterman” and “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.” He even hosted his own late-night movie show, “USA Up All Night,” showcasing his versatility as a performer. Additionally, Gottfried became known for providing the voice of the Aflac duck in numerous television commercials, further solidifying his place in pop culture.

Gilbert Gottfried’s entertainment career spanned a wide range of films, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Some of his notable film credits include “Bad Medicine” (1985), “Beverly Hills Cop II” (1987), and “The Adventures of Ford Fairlane” (1990). He also appeared in comedy classics like “Problem Child” (1990) and its sequels, as well as “Highway to Hell” (1991).

More About Career

Gilbert Gottfried Career

Gottfried’s filmography also includes a variety of other projects, such as “Never on Tuesday” (1989), “Saved By The Bell: Wedding In Las Vegas” (1994), and “Double Dragon” (1994). He continued to showcase his comedic talents in films like “Problem Child 3: Junior in Love” (1995) and “Goosed” (1999). In 2004, he had a role in “Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events” and later appeared in “Miss December” (2011) and “The Comedian” (2016), further solidifying his status as a versatile actor with a knack for comedy.

In addition to his film roles, Gilbert Gottfried made appearances as himself in various movies, including “The Lindabury Story” (2009), “Beecher Baby Bouncer” (2013), “The Comedian’s Guide to Survival” (2016), “Life, Animated” (2016), and “Gilbert” (2017), a documentary about his life and career. He also had his own comedy special, “Gilbert Gottfried: Dirty Jokes” (2008), showcasing his comedic talents in a solo performance.

Gottfried’s voice acting work was also prolific, with memorable roles such as Iago the Parrot in the “Aladdin” film series, including “Aladdin” (1992), “The Return of Jafar” (1994), and “Aladdin and the King of Thieves” (1996). He also lent his voice to other animated characters, such as Berkeley Beetle in “Thumbelina” (1994), Compulsive Dog in “Dr. Dolittle” (1998), and Mario Zucchini in “Animal Crackers” (2017).

In addition to his work in film and television, Gottfried appeared on reality television shows like “Celebrity Wife Swap” and “Celebrity Apprentice” with Donald Trump. Despite his success, Gottfried’s career was not without controversy, as he faced criticism for his sometimes controversial and less-than-sensitive jokes, particularly regarding the 9/11 attacks and the earthquake disaster in Japan. Nevertheless, his contributions to entertainment and his unique comedic style have left a lasting impact on the industry.

Gilbert Gottfried Discography

Gilbert Gottfried Discography
1986ZeeMake My Day (With Your Love Tonight)“tough guy vocals”Warlock Records12″ single
1992Bob & TomWe Three Kingsfeatured on “Censored”Big Mouth Creative ServicesCD, cassette
1995VariousMagical Selections from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Disney’s Aladdinperformer on “I’m Looking Out for Me” & “Forget About Love” (duet with Liz Callaway)Walt Disney RecordsCD, cassette
2005Gilbert GottfriedDirty Jokesn/aImage EntertainmentCD/DVD
2021The Balls ProjectA Momentary Lapse of Ballsguest vocals on “Learning to Shit”n/adigital

Gilbert Gottfried has made several notable contributions to the music industry throughout his career. In 1986, he provided “tough guy vocals” for Zee’s “Make My Day (With Your Love Tonight)” single. In 1992, he was featured on Bob & Tom’s “We Three Kings” on the “Censored” album. One of his more memorable contributions was in 1995 when he performed on “I’m Looking Out for Me” and “Forget About Love” (a duet with Liz Callaway) for the soundtrack of Disney’s Aladdin. In 2005, he released his own album titled “Dirty Jokes.” More recently, in 2021, he made a guest appearance on The Balls Project’s “A Momentary Lapse of Balls,” lending his vocals to the track “Learning to Shit.” These diverse musical endeavors showcase Gottfried’s versatility and willingness to explore different genres and styles.

Gilbert Gottfried Commercials

Gilbert Gottfried Commercials
Pop-TartsVoice of the Toaster1995
AflacVoice of the Aflac duck2000–2011
Office XPVoice of Clippy2001
Easterns Automotive GroupCommercial2012
Eat24Super Bowl commercial2015

Gilbert Gottfried’s career has included a significant presence in the world of commercials. In the 1980s, he appeared in commercials for MTV, showcasing his comedic talent to a wide audience. In 1991, he lent his voice to a Pepsi commercial, adding his unique flair to the brand’s advertising. One of his memorable roles was as the voice of the toaster in a Pop-Tarts commercial in 1995.

From 2000 to 2011, Gottfried served as the voice of the Aflac duck in the insurance company’s commercials, a role that became synonymous with his voice. He also appeared in commercials for Subway in 2000 and for Glad in 2003. In 2010, he was featured in a commercial for Shoedini, demonstrating his versatility in advertising. Other notable commercials include his role as the voice of Clippy in a commercial for Office XP in 2001, and his appearance in a Super Bowl commercial for Eat24 in 2015.

Gilbert Gottfried Wife And Children

Gilbert Gottfried  Wife And Children

Gilbert Gottfried tied the knot with Dara Kravitz in 2007, after meeting at a Grammys party in the late 1990s. Kravitz, who was involved in the music industry at the time, caught Gottfried’s eye, and the two hit it off. Surprisingly, Gottfried wasn’t at the party to crack jokes but rather to enjoy the free food, as he candidly revealed in a phone interview with JTA. Despite his reputation for being thrifty, their connection was undeniable, and they quickly formed a strong bond that has stood the test of time.

In his documentary, Gottfried credited his relationship with Kravitz for helping him become the likable person he is today. The couple shares two children, including daughter Lily Aster Gottfried, born on June 12, 2007, and son Max, born on May 18, 2009. They live a modest life in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, showcasing Gottfried’s down-to-earth nature despite his success in the entertainment industry. His commitment to his family highlights a different side of Gottfried, one that values love, companionship, and the joys of family life above all else.

The comedian had a reputation for being careful with his money

Gilbert Gottfried, despite his success and substantial net worth, maintained a reputation for being frugal with his finances. He admitted to CNBC that even with his financial success, he still had the mindset of saving money, often opting for cheaper options. He humorously mentioned that if it were up to him, he would still walk 20 blocks to save a few cents on a slice of pizza, showcasing his thrifty nature.

Gottfried acknowledged that his reputation for being frugal was well-known among his fellow comedians and even store owners. He joked that anyone who had financial transactions with him would definitely remember his frugal habits. Despite his careful approach to money, Gottfried’s success in entertainment allowed him to provide for his family and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

How Much Money Did Gilbert Gottfried Make From Cameo?

How Much Money Did Gilbert Gottfried Make From Cameo?

Gilbert Gottfried found remarkable success on Cameo, a platform where fans can request personalized video messages from their favorite celebrities. Known for his distinct voice and humor, Gottfried charged $175 per video for fans and $950 for businesses, making him one of the top earners on the platform. His ability to deliver gut-busting laughs and outrageous tangents made him a popular choice for fans seeking greetings, outgoing messages, or even playful insults.

According to The New York Post, Gottfried was the second-highest earner on Cameo, just behind The Office star Brian Baumgartner. During his time on the platform, he reportedly earned an impressive $450,000. Despite his success, Gottfried remained down-to-earth, engaging with his fans and delivering videos that were highly praised and well-received. His popularity on Cameo showcased not only his comedic talent but also his ability to connect with his audience uniquely and memorably.

Gilbert Gottfried Awards & Achievements

Gilbert Gottfried Awards & Achievements
2017 DeadCENTER Film Festival Special Jury Prize Award for Best DocumentaryWon
CableACE Award for Writing a Comedy Special (Gilbert Gottfried… Naturally)Nominated
Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding New Approaches – Daytime Children’s (Cyberchase)Nominated
Razzie Awards for Worst Supporting Actor (The Adventures of Ford Fairlane)Nominated

Gilbert Gottfried’s awards and achievements highlight his diverse talents and contributions to the entertainment industry. In 2017, he won the DeadCENTER Film Festival Special Jury Prize Award for Best Documentary, recognizing his work in the film industry.

Additionally, prestigious awards like the CableACE Award for Writing a Comedy Special and the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding New Approaches have nominated Gottfried. His nominations showcase his versatility as a performer and writer, demonstrating his impact on both comedic and children’s entertainment.

Gilbert Gottfried Death: What Did Gilbert Gottfried Die Of?

On April 12, 2022, at 2:35 p.m. ET, Gilbert Gottfried passed away at a Manhattan hospital due to recurrent ventricular tachycardia, complicated by type II myotonic dystrophy, a condition he had privately battled for many years. His death marked the end of a remarkable career that spanned over five decades, during which he brought laughter to countless people around the world.

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Source: Youtube

Friends, family, and fellow celebrities remembered and honored Gottfried at a funeral held on April 14 in Westchester County, New York. Jeff Ross, a close friend of Gottfried, delivered a touching eulogy, highlighting the comedian’s legacy and the impact he had on the world of comedy. Despite his absence, Whoopi Goldberg sent a gift in honor of Gottfried, and Sarah Silverman had planned to sit shiva with his friends and family.

Gottfried was laid to rest in the Sharon Gardens section of Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, New York. His gravestone bears the epitaph “Too Soon,” a nod to his comedic style and untimely passing. The entertainment community deeply felt the loss of his death, but his memory lives on through his timeless comedy and the joy he brought to so many throughout his life.

Gilbert Gottfried’s humor had him laughing all the way to the bank

Gilbert Gottfried’s comedic talent not only brought laughter to audiences but also earned him a significant fortune. At the time of his passing in 2022, his net worth was estimated to be $8 million.. Much of his wealth came from his extensive acting career, which included memorable roles in films like “Problem Child,” “Beverly Hills Cop II,” and the iconic Disney movie “Aladdin,” where he voiced the character of Iago the parrot.

In addition to his film work, Gottfried had a successful television career, starring in shows like “USA Up All Night” and making regular appearances on “Hollywood Squares.” His stand-up comedy and voice acting roles, including voicing the Aflac duck, also contributed to his financial success. Despite his humble beginnings, Gottfried and his wife, Dara, were able to invest in real estate, showcasing his financial savvy and ability to secure a comfortable lifestyle for his family.

Gilbert Gottfried Controversial Jokes

Gilbert Gottfried Controversial Jokes

Gilbert Gottfried has faced controversy throughout his career due to his edgy and sometimes provocative humor

Emmy Awards 1991: Masturbation Jokes

At the 43rd Primetime Emmy Awards, Gilbert Gottfried’s monologue included jokes about masturbation, which resulted in the West Coast audience muting his performance. Fox, the network airing the Emmys, issued an apology, and Gottfried claimed he was informed that he would not be invited back to host the show in the future.

Jokes on September 11

Gottfried faced criticism for his jokes about the September 11 attacks, which caused him to lose a significant number of viewers. One of his jokes, which included a comment about wanting to catch a flight but being told the plane had to stop at the Empire State Building first, sparked backlash and negative reactions.

Jokes on Japanese Tsunami

Gottfried’s jokes about the Japanese earthquake disaster in 2011 led to his firing as the voice of Aflac’s duck mascot. His insensitive comments resulted in Daniel McKeague temporarily taking over as the duck’s voice until a permanent replacement could be found.

Gilbert Gottfried Social Media Profiles

Gilbert Gottfried Social Media Profiles
InstagramClick Here
FacebookClick Here
TwitterClick Here
TikTokClick Here
LinkedInClick Here

Gilbert Gottfried is active on various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn. His profiles on these platforms provide fans and followers with updates on his work, upcoming projects, and personal insights. Through these channels, Gottfried engages with his audience, sharing humorous content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and thoughts on various topics. Fans can connect with him and stay updated on his latest endeavors by following him on these platforms.


Gilbert Gottfried had a net worth of approximately $8 million at the time of his death in 2022. His wealth came from various sources, including his appearances in films like “Problem Child” and “Beverly Hills Cop II,” as well as his extensive work in stand-up comedy. He also earned a significant income from his voice acting roles, such as voicing the parrot Iago in Disney’s “Aladdin” franchise.

Additionally, Gottfried found success on the direct-to-consumer app Cameo, where he was the second-highest earner, charging $175 per video to fans and $950 per video to businesses. Gilbert Gottfried earned a reputation for thriftiness, despite his financial success, by being careful with his money. He lived a modest life in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood with his wife, Dara Kravitz, and their two children.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

1. Who is Gilbert Gottfried’s wife?

Gilbert Gottfried married Dara Kravitz in 2007, and they remained married until he died in 2022.

2. Who is Gilbert Gottfried’s daughter?

Gilbert Gottfried has a daughter named Lily Aster Gottfried.

3. What is Gilbert Gottfried’s nationality?

Gilbert Gottfried is American.

4. Where did Gilbert Gottfried live?

Gilbert Gottfried lived in Brooklyn.

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